The application process

International summer course in biology at Uppsala University, Sweden, 2022

The checklist below is available in PDF format here.

International Summer School in Synthetic Biology 5 credits


At least 30 credits (equivalent to half a year of full-time studies) from a Bachelor's programme in biotechnology, biological science or chemistry, including at least one course in chemistry, molecular biology or microbiology.

Apply through

Application opens

February 20

Deadline for application including all documentation, see list below.

March 16

Result of application April 27

Payment for the course
To take the course, you need to pay three different fees on three at three different times (or just one if you are an EU student).

Invoice 1. Application fee.

Your application will not be treated until the application fee is paid. It is an administrative fee to Uppsala University. Deadline March 30.

Pay before April 1:

900 SEK

Invoice 2. Tuition fee

The Tuition fee is a fee to the university covering all costs for the teaching, including bench fee, salaries to teachers and more. You will not be able to apply for your VISA until the tuition fee is paid. You will receive an invoice.

Pay before applying for VISA:

10833 SEK

Invoice 3. Food and accommodation fee.

The Food and accommodation fee covers your food during the lab days and the accommodation in a room near campus, and is paid to the Biology Education Centre on a separate invoice.

Pay before coming to Sweden:

15000 SEK for service package including in town accommodation, food and social activities.

The total cost is SEK 26733.

If you have questions about your admission process, please first check your personal account in If you need more help, please contact the Admissions support centre using one of the means at the bottom of the page:;id:1304

Required documentation for application:

  1. A copy of the page in your passport with your personal data and photo.
  2. Official transcript from your home university in original language
  3. An official translation of your official transcript from your home university to English.
  4. High school diploma in original language
  5. An official translation of your high school diploma to English.

Exception from documentation required on the application site*

This course has an exception from the original requirements of English 6 (TOEFL or IELTS), normally required for education at Swedish universities. Unless you have English 6 proved by TOEFL or IELTS, do not upload any proof of English at all.

Please note: The system will send out automatic e-mails considering your application. Please ignore the messages that urge you to upload proof of English.

Follow your application process: Please follow the status of your application process on; check your personal account. If you have submitted all documentation above before March 15th you can expect a message of admission (or rejection if the course is full or you do not meet the requirements, or have not sent in all documentation in time) around May 2nd.

Last modified: 2022-02-15