Practical information

”Swedish Nature”, 5 credits, 25 July – 15 august, 2016

The course starts on Monday 25th July. We meet you at Arlanda airport outside Stockholm. On the first course day we will drive with minibuses for about one hour to our field station, situated at the lake Erken. Main course content there will cover ecology and limnology (sweet water biology). On 30th July we leave the station and drive to Kinnekulle. There you will study soil sediments and fossils. Next day we drive towards our field station, Klubban, situated at the west coast of Sweden. There you will study marine biology and biodiversity. On 7th August we will drive back to Uppsala.

The field part of the course ends on Sunday 7th August when you arrive at Uppsala. The last week of the course you can finish writing experimental reports and a course evaluation. If you have done that before arrival at Uppsala you can choose to use the days between 7th to 15th August for whatever activity you wish. Some of you may wish to return to China as soon as possible and some may wish to use these days for touristing activity.

After admission to the course is finished I wish to have information from all of you about your plans for the days after 7th August. We will arrange accommodation for all students at a hostel from 7th to 8th August. We will assist with the booking of accommodation after 8th August for those who wish to stay longer in Uppsala. The cost for the accommodation after arrival in Uppsala on 7th August is not included in the fee for the course.

Swedish Nature was given during the summer 2010–2015 with 20–28 Chinese students. A few of them returned home early, some stayed in Uppsala and the majority made a tourist tour in Sweden.

When you in April 2016 apply for a Visa to Sweden you shall include a letter from me that facilitates the process to get the Visa. In the letter I will inform about the course content and the course period. Since you will get a Visa for the period 25th July until 15th August you can use the last week for touristing without having a special tourist Visa.

Last day for application is 20th December 2015. The application should include your e-address, information about which program you study and a short letter of intention (reasons why you wish to study Swedish Nature). Where you should send you application: Students from Shandong University: Ass. Professor Zhang Shuping, School of Life Sciences (; +86-150-9896 1392). Students from Nanjing University: Ms. Hong Xingyu (; +86-25-83593371). Students from Yunnan University: vice-Dean, School of Life Science, Chen Suiyun (; +86-871-6503 1491), or Dean, School of Ecology and Environmental Science, Duan Changqun (; +86-871-6503 2753). Students from Nankai University: Luan Jianhong, International Office (; +86-22-2350 8686). Students from Sichuan University: Xu Jing, International office (; +86-28-8546 8886), or Professor Sun Qun, head Dept. of Biotechnology ( Students from Huaqiao University: Professor Xu Ruian, Dean, School of Biomedical Sciences (; +86- 595-22690952), Professor Wang Shibin, College of Chemical Biology and School of Environmental Engineering (; +86-592 6162326), or Xu Tao, Director, School Office (

Information about admission will be given before 15th January 2016. Admitted students will in May 2016 get information from the course leaders about practical matters.

Photos from our field stations can be found here:

Information about our department can be found here:

Please contact me ( if you have questions about the course.

You are very welcome to the course!

Margareta Krabbe
Head of department
Biology Education Centre
Uppsala University