Färdiga rapporter - MFS

Minor Field Study Reports

Arbetsgruppen för tropisk ekologi, Uppsala Universitet
Committee for Tropical Ecology, Uppsala University

Most reports from 2003 and later is available for downloading below.
Older reports are available for copying at:

Institutionen för Biologisk Grundutbildning (IBG)/Biology Education Centre
Ronny Alexandersson

Norbyvägen 14
SE-752 36 Uppsala

209. - Johanna Bergman 2018.

Conservation of marine mammals - Assessing the threat of bycatch in Antalya Bay, Turkey

208. - Lina Fransson 2018.

Fine scale habitat and movement patterns of Javan slow loris (Nycticebus javanicus) in Cipaganti, West Java, Indonesia

207. - Elvira Boman och Jessie Torpner 2017.

Characterization of Natural Peruvian Dyes on Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells (850K)

206. - Emily Lehtonen 2016.

The behaviural ecology of a potentially undescribed morph of Saki Monkey (genus Pithecia) in a highly diverse primate community (1,4MB)

205. - Gabriella Villamor Saucedo 2016.

Sources of organic carbon fueling carbon emissions from tropical reservoirs (endast abstract)

204. - Linn Ambjörnsson, Katti Ewald och Marie Selenius 2016.

Evaluation of ferrihydrite as an arsenic adsorbent for contaminated grounwater in Burkina Faso

203. - Anton Nygren, Edvard Nordenskjöld och Erik Östblom 2016.

Groundwater occurrence and quality in Bulawayo province, Zimbabwe (1,1MB)

202. - Emma Moberg 2016.

The water footprint of coffee production in Miraflor, Nicaragua (3,1MB)

201. - Stina K. Björkman 2015.

Spatial variability in greehouse gas production in sediments of a tropical reservoir (endast abstract; 195K)

200. - David Rudberg 2015.

Spatial variability of greenhouse gas emissions from tropical reservoirs (endast abstract; 446K)

199. - Hanna Lindh 2015.

Mothers, markets and medicine - The role of traditional herbal medicine in primary women and child health care in the Dar es Salaam region, Tanzania (1MB)

198. - Miriam Rubin 2015.

Coleotrype madagascarica (Commelinaceae) visual attraction and buzz pollination by anthophorid bees in Madagascar (2,2MB)

197. - Carolina Gårdefors och Nazanin Mahmoudi 2015.

Urine diverting vermicomposting toilets for Durban, South Africa (1,5MB)

196. - Linda Petersson 2015.

Pollination biology of the endemic orchid Vanilla bosseri in Madagascar (26,5MB)

195. - Michelle Nordkvist 2015.

Anthropogenic disturbance along the Kinabatangan River in Borneo, Malaysia and the distribution and abundance of the saltwater crocodile (Crocodylus porosus) (604K)

194. - Henrik Enbäck och Charlotta Eriksson 2015.

Hybrid rainfall estimates from satellite, lightning and ground station data in West Africa, with focus on Ghana (1,2MB)

193. - Malin Ullberg 2015.

Temporal water quality of the heavily human-impacted Likangala River, Zomba, Malawi (1,6MB)

192. - Camilla Andersson och Jonas Robertsson 2014.

Characterisation and removal of heavy metals in tannery effluents through the use of local materials (1MB)

191. - Andreas Bundsen 2014.

Impact of FSC-certified logging on bird communities in Berau District, East Kalimantan, Indonesia (778K)

190. - Agnes Forsberg 2014.

Evaluation of drinking and irrigation water quality in Njuli, Malawi (1,1MB)

189. - Rasmus Pierong och Maria Takman 2014.

Evaluation of the hydrological model India-HYPE - With focus on precipitation driving data and regionalization quality (866K)

188. - Fredrik Schubert 2014.

Repelling Aedes aegypti - A sustainable plant based solution in Lao PDR (845K)

187. - Elin Andersson och Ida Morén 2014.

Comparing water capacity and water usage in the Gorom-Lampsar river system, Senegal (1,1MB)

186. - Karolina Carlström och Elin Renstål 2014.

Characteristics of managed and unmanaged water bodies influencing their suitability as mosquito breeding habitats in Bahir Dar, Ethiopia (6,3MB)

185. - Cecilia Engvall 2014.

Zoogeomorphological Impacts by Elephants in Private Game Reserves: Case study of Knysna Elephant Park, South Africa (2,1MB)

184. - Fredrik Tegnér 2014.

Biparental care and social monogamy in the Peruvian poison frog, Ranitomeya flavovittata (Anura: Dendrobatidae)(766K)

183. - Johanna Wallenius 2014.

The effect of elephant raids and Insurance policies for the Human-elephant conflict (HEC) in Xishuangbanna, China (1,5MB)

182. - Beatrice Aulin och Linnea Henriksson 2014.

The water balance in Graminha Basin (3,5MB)

181. - Malin Mellhorn 2014.

Water hyacinths (Eichhornia crassipes) and their presence in Shire River, Malawi - Problems caused by them and ways to utilize them elsewhere (1,7MB)

180. - Klara Klingborg och Pauline Saers 2013.

A feasibility study of HiLight as an energy solution for communities in the interior of the State of Amazonas (3,2MB)

179. - Pia Sjöholm 2013.

Groundwater recharge in Jakkur Lake, Bangalore - Possibilities and risks of sewage water reuse (918K)

178. - Mikael Hjort 2013.

Solar powered paper drying in Bangladesh (2,3MB) 

177. - Sandra Lundgren 2013.

Efficiency of wastewater treatment plants situated in Zomba, Malawi (912K)

176. - Siri Holmberg 2013.

The effects of pretreatment of Acacia nilotica and Acrocarpus fraxinifolius seeds on germination and early development (486K)

175. - Johanna Barr 2013.

Improving Maintenance of Micro Hydropower Systems in Rural Nepal - A qualitative study evaluating problems affecting micro hydropower maintenance and their possible solutions (3,3MB)

174. - Camilla Boberg 2012.

Biodiversity and ecosystem services in Monquentiva, Colombia - a case study of conservation (938K)

173. - Emil Hagström och Hannah Lundström 2012.

A field study in Kenya of isolation parameters to make water drinkable in the household water treatment unit SOLVATTEN (10,1MB)

172. - Karin Grandin 2012.

Variations of CH4 emissions within and between three hydroelectric reservoirs in Brazil (1,8MB)

171. - Stephanie Shenton 2012.

Sense of place, social dynamics and development - A case study of Nieu Bethesda, Eastern Cape, South Africa (840K)

170. - Emma Hällqvist 2012.

Methane emissions from three tropical hydroelectrical reservoirs (1,4MB)

169. - Saga Perron 2012.

Microbial regrowth in drinking water treated with gravity-driven ultrafiltration - A field study in Kenya (2,2MB)

168. - Tara Roxendal 2012.

Designing sustainable wastewater management - A case study at the research farm Ceasip in Bolivia (3,8MB)

167. - Lisa Thunström 2012.

Population size structure and recruitment rate in Pterocarpus angolensis, an exploited tree species in miombo woodlands, Tanzania (396K)

166. - Marie Nordh Hagberg 2012.

Water management and water availability in a sub-watershed, Tamil Nadu, India (4,1MB)

165. - Ida Enjebo och Lisa Öborn 2012.
A Farming System Analysis on the slope of Mount Kenya - A study of how water resources and land use are affected by climate variability in two areas in Embu District, Kenya (2,8MB)

164. – Daniel Elala 2011.
Vulnerability assessment of surface water supply systems due to climate change and other impacts in Addis Ababa, Etiopia (1,2MB)

163. – Matilda Segersäll 2011.
DNA barcoding of commercialized plants; an examination of Amomum (Zingiberaceae) in South-East Asia (539K)

162. – Andrea Herrera 2011. 
Changes in spatial structure of woody savanna vegetation after 11 years of exclusion of large herbivores (683K)

161. – Katrine Berning 2011. 
Design of Stand Alone Renewable Power Supply Systems on Futuna Island, Vanuatu (3,5MB)

160. – Mia Sklenar 2011. 
Sexual differences in feeding behavior of the Greater Kudu (Tragelaphus strepsiceros) in a small nature reserve (636K)

159. – Cecilia Åldemo 2011. 
Effects of elephants and other browsers on woody vegetation around artificial waterholes in Savuti, northern Botswana (553K)

158. – Stéphanie Nicolin 2011. 
Implementing environmental water requirements in Buzi River basin, Mozambique - An impact analysis based on the Water Resource Yield Model (1,1MB)

157. – Maria Blomberg 2011. 
"Impact of endocrine disrupting chemicals in Siamese fighting fish (Betta splendens) and Zebrafish (Danio rerio)"

156. – Erik Ahlin och Viktor Larsson 2011. 
Development of water parameters and changes in fish mercury concentrations a decade after creating a tropical reservoir (874K)

155. – Elham Sadeghayobi 2011. 
The gut passage time in the Galapagos Giant Tortoise (Chelonoidis nigra) and its role for seed dispersal (568K)

154. – Kristina Dahlberg och Helena Borgestedt 2011. 
Soil water availability and its influencing factors in Debre-Mewi, a sub-catchment in the Ethiopian highlands (2,0MB)

153. – Hanna Leife 2010. 
Has woody vegetation in a semi-arid savanna changed after 11 years exclusion of large herbivores? (545K)

152. – Angelica Klaussén 2010. 
Are corallivores limiting the recovery of corals on Kenyan reefs? (767K)

151. – Orianna Courtney Eklund and Linda Tegelberg 2010. 
Small-scale Systems for Greywater Reuse and Disposal. A Case Study in Ouagadougou (4,9MB)

150. – Camilla Axelsson and Theres Kvarnström 2010. 
Energy from municipal solid waste in Chennai, India - a feasibility study (3,5MB)

149 – Tomas Bergsten 2010. 
Evaluation of the Sunlabob Battery Lantern from the Perspecitve of Users in Rural Lao PDR (594K)

148. – Hanna Hugosson and Katja Larnholt 2010. 
Water quality and sanitation in rural Moldova (3,6MB)

147. – Johan Hultgren 2010. 
"Costa Rican Eucoilidae wasps (Gronotoma group s.str. and Zaeucoila group s.str.), a geographic and systematic description of `basal´eucoilid fauna."

146. – Lovisa Lagerblad 2010. 
Wastewater treatment wetlands - A case study in Colombo, Sri Lanka (1,83MB)

145. – Maria Persson 2010. 
Designing a Sustainable System for Water Supply and Sanitation in Rural Peru. (13,6MB)

144. – Evan Mati 2009. 
Natural dyeing plants in Kurdistan, Iraq (668K)

143. – Emma Nygren 2009. 
Does community-based conservation matters? - A case study in Cambodia (602K)

142. – Johan Älvgren 2009. 
Space-time pattern of habitat utilization for the Chobe riverfront elephant population (1MB)

141. – Kristina Dahlman 2009. 
Modeling sanitation scenarios in developing countries. A case study in Kumasi, Ghana (5,6MB)

140. – Emma Wikner 2009. 
Modeling Waste to Energy systems in Kumasi, Ghana (1,1MB)

139. – Sara Lindgren and Alexandra Röttorp 2009. 
Physical and Chemical Assessment of Streams in the sub-Andean Amazon, Peru (5,3MB)

138. – Katarina Norén and Nina Spörndly 2009. 
Evaluation of methods for erosion surveys - a case study from the Northern Province of Rwanda (2MB)

137. – EvaLotta Nordqvist 2009. 
Butterflies as indicators of forest quality in miombo woodlands, Tanzania (3,2MB)

136. – Marcus Lindborg 2009. 
GC-MS analysis for Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH) in Moroccan medicinal tars. An ethnobotanical study and chemical investigation of the use and safety of medicinal tars in Marrakesh and the High Atlas Mountains, Morocco. (3,4MB)

135. – Kristina Källander 2008. 
Establishment of Swedish waste water technologies in Chinese automotive industry - case studies in Wuhan (1,3MB)

134. – Johanna Spångberg and Johan Söderblom 2008. 
Nutrient removal of domestic waste water in contructed wetlands in Cochabamba, Bolivia (1,2MB)

133. – Madeleine Julin 2008. 
Tar production - traditional medicine and potential threat to biodiversity in the Marrakesh region. an ethnobotanical study (1,5MB)

132. – Jörgen Fyhr 2007. 
A study of mangrove forests in Departamento de Atlántico, Colombia (4,8MB)

131. – Gustav Enmark and Daniel Nordborg 2007. 
Arsenic in the groundwater of the Brahmaputra flodplains, Assam, India – Source, distribution and release mechanisms (3,3MB)

130. – Matilda Apelqvist 2007. 
"Hyptis suaveolens and Corymbia citriodora: repellents against Anopheles spp. and other anthropophilic mosquitoes (Diptera: Culcidae) in Guinea Bissau, West Africa"

129. – Maria Khalili 2007. 
Treatment Wetlands in Faria Catchment, Palestine (1,6MB)

128. – Per-Anders Blomqvist and Linda Renberg 2007. 
Feeding behaviour of Giraffe (Giraffa camelopardalis) in Mokolodi Nature Reserve, Botswana (3,1MB)

127. – Marie Melander 2007. 
Endangred plants on the market in Havana City, Cuba (1,3MB)

126. – Linus Hagberg and Erik Löfgren 2007. 
Soil and plant contamination by textile industries at ZFILM, Managua (2MB)

125. – Maria Wikström and Therese Lager 2007. 
Polluted domestic water in Costa Rica – Analysis from a technical and an economical perspective. (2,3MB)

124. – Anna Runemark 2006. 
Spatial distribution and temperature effects on hatching success of the leatherback turtle Dermochelys coriacea: implications for conservation (872K)

123. – Karin Bengtsson-Sjörs 2006. 
Establishment and survival of woody seedlings in a semi-arid savanna in southern Botswana (408K)

122. – Hampus Eriksson 2006. 
Sea cucumber abundance, diversity and fishery in Samoa. An assessment of lagoon occurring sea cucumbers. (1,6MB)

121. – Niklas Ekberg and Stina Åstrand 2006. 
Rural Drinking Water in Illapel, Chile - Investigation of Water Supply and Metal Content. (7,4MB)

120. – Tobias Jakobsson 2006. 
Influence of land use intensity on mammal densities in an African savanna (Botswana). (496K)

119. – Maria Ed 2006. 
Methane emissions from rice paddies with respect to rice yield and water-saving irrigation in the Jiangsu province, Eastern China. (972K)

118. – Peter Bergsten 2006. 
Audit of social and economic impacts of the Rio Estí Hydroelectric Project, Panama. (896K)

117. – Terese Niklasson 2005. 
Mercury Accumulation in a Brazilian Reservoir in Relation to Carbon Sources and Ecological characteristics of the Fish Community. (580K)

116. – Leena Tuomola 2005. 
Mercury levels in fish five years after construction of Lago Manso Reservoir, Brazil. (944K)

115. – Erik Wall 2005. 
Environmental impacts of the Rio Esti Hydroelectric Project, Panama. (6,3MB)

114. – Jessica Fagerudd 2005. 
The effect of grazing on Aardwolves and how farmers in Namibia perceive the Aardwolf. (436K)

113. – Linda Kurberg 2005. 
The effect of razing on Bat-eared foxes and how farmers in Namibia perceive the Bat-eared fox. (276K)

112. – Karin Carlsson 2005. 
Mammal communities in the southern Kalahari: differences between land use types and seasons. (548K)

111. – Jenny Öhlander 2005. 
An investigation of an environmentally benign method for small-scale gold miners in the Philippines. (340K)

110. – John Swensson 2005. 
Bushmeat trade in Techinan, Ghana, West Africa. (588K)

109. – Sofie Lücke 2004. 
Evaluation of a new, mercury-free method for small-scale gold mining in the Philippines. (1,6MB)

108. – Elin Alsterhag and Liselott Pettersson 2004. 
Nutrient loading in the Kafue River between Mazabuka and Kafue town, Zambia. (480K)

107. – Lina Norrlund and Linda Brus 2004. 
Agricultural practices in relation to soil properties and water supply in a miombo forest village. (580K)

106. – Martin Gullström and Mattis Dahlberg 2004. 
Fish community structure of seagrass meadows around Inhaca Island, southern Mozambique. (688K)

105. – Andreas Bergström 2004. 
Small mammal diversity in Kalahari - impact of land-use and pans in a semi-arid savanna, southwestern Botswana. (412K)

104. – Sonja Halmstad and Lina Lindell 2004. 
Estudio de Prefactibilidad de un proyecto de riego en los Andes ñ el caso de Balda Lupaxi Bajo, Chimborazo, Ecuador. (2,2MB)

103. – Ylva Svensson 2004. 
Environmental auditing of the forest company La Chonta Ltd., Bolivia. (632K)

102. – Anders Olsson 2004. 
Fate of nutrients in two different urban channel designs in Vientiane, Lao PDR. Factors affecting nutrient removal and effects of reintroducing different macrophytes. (1MB)

101. – Ann Thorén 2004. 
"Identification of potential miombo woodlands by remote sensing analysis."

100. – Kajsa Holmborn 2003. 
Geological time and human influences on the soil properties of the miombo woodland in Kilosa District, Tanzania. (1,3MB)

099. – Jens Åström 2003. 
Insect communities in southern Kalahari, Botswana - abundance and diversity in relation to land management. (876K)

098. – Lena Braf 2003. 
Effects of natural ultraviolet radiation on chlorophyll fluorescence, number of fronds and biomass increase of Spirodela intermedia in the temperate Southern Hemisphere. (792K)

097. – Marie Widengård 2003. 
Intellectual property rights in Common Bean breeding. Opportunities and constraints for local and participatory breeding in Nicaragua. (1,2MB)

096. – Jill Fernqvist and Ida Florberger 2003. 
Fire and post-fire soil erosion in the Western Cape, South Africa: field observations and management practices. (612K)

095. – Pella Larsson 2003. 
Tree plantations as a cost-effective tool for reforestation of abandoned pastures in Amazonian Ecuador. (904K)

094. – Emma Rova 2003. 
Estimating the rehabilitation of former farmlands into wildlife areas using the bat-eared fox as an indicator species. (1,7MB)

093. – Jon Böhlmark 2003. 
Meretrix meretrix as an indicator of heavy metal contamination in Maputo Bay. (252K)

092. – Gunilla Alm 2003. 
Impact of natural ultraviolet radiation on the free-floating liverwort Ricciocarpus natans - a field study in Uruguay 34°S. (1,3MB)

091. – Hristina Bojcevska and Erik Jergil 2003. 
Removal of cyanobacterial toxins (LPS endotoxin and microcystin) in drinking-water using the BioSand household water filter. (440K)

090. – Erik Lindblom 2003. 
Pollution point sources in Lake Wuliangsuhaiís catchment area, P.R. of China. (2,2MB)

089. – Tanja Viio 2003. 
Does land use affect mammal diversity in savannah ecosystems? (348K)

088. – Dagmar Jonsson 2003. 
An inventory study of coral reefs in Langkawi Archipelago, Malaysia ñ assessment and impact study of sedimentation. (308K)

087. – Anna Foberg 2003. 
The Siamese fighting fish (Betta splendens) ñ an alternative fish species to use in evaluating the impact of endocrine disrupting chemicals with focus on aggressive performance. (712K)

086. – Anna Käller 2003. 
Growth pattern and reproduction of woody vegetation in a semi-arid savanna in southern Botswana. (224K)

085. – Jonas Casslén and Christina Ritzl 2003. 
"The effects of human use on a multi-purpose fruit tree, Sclerocarya birrea, in a small valley in southern Zimbabwe."

084. – Åsa Fahlman 2002. 
African Grey Parrot conservation: A feasibility evaluation of developing a local conservation program in Principe. (412K)

083. – Karin Andersson 2002. 
A study of coral reef fishes along a gradient of disturbance in the Langkawi Archipelago, Malaysia. (412K)

082. – Martin Wetterstedt 2002. 
"A cephalopod inventory around Zanzibar and the effects of light pollution on spawning Sepia pharaonis."

081. – Nina Svedin 2002. 
"Density estimation and habitat preferences of five small mammals in the Witwater Private Reserve, Sossusvlei, Namibia."

080. – Lisa Fors 2002. 
"Tree seed survival across a miombo woodland fragmentation gradient in Tanzania."

079. – Lisa Fernius 2002. 
"Erosion in Ragen and Nyalunya, Nyando District in Kenya. A theoretical description of the factors affecting transportation processes in order to prevent erosion and gully growth."

078. – Linda Söderberg 2002. 
"The role of condition and parasites in spawning site acquisition among males of the Lake Victoria cichlid Pundamilia nyererei."

077. – Maria Bertilsson and Hannah Östergård 2002. 
"Regeneration in two Uruguayan palm species: the importance of seed predation and seed predation."

076. – Anna Gustafsson 2002. 
"Effects of plantation management on ant abundance, leaf damage and growth on two neotropical tree species, Pentaclethra macroloba (Willdenow) Kuntze and Virola koschnyi Warburg."

075. – Heidi Savelli Söderberg, Jenny Nilsson (and Susanne Gustafsson) 2002. 
"The association between blue-green algae and gram negative bacteria."

074. – Magnus Petersson 2002. 
"Wild shrimp seed collection of Penaeus monodon in Godavari estuary, Andhra Pradesh, India."

073. – Lilian Granlund 2001. 
"The abundance of game in relation to villages, livestock and pans — a study in southwestern Kalahari, Botswana."

072. – Åsa Bengtsson Sjörs 2001. 
"Erosion history of the Ragen and Nyalunya area, Nyando District, Kenya. Application of Geographic Information Technology, remote sensing and radiometric quantification to monitor temporal and spatial change."

071. – Jenny Lindh 2001. 
"Phylogenetic determination of midgut bacteria in Anopheles mosquitoes collected in different habitats in Kenya."

070. – Anna Särnblad 2001. 
"Ecological investigation of bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops aduncus) in Menai Bay, Zanzibar."

069. – Märtha Wallgren 2001. 
"Mammal communities in the Southern Kalahari — distribution and species composition."

068. – Anneli Englund 2001. 
"The impact of tourism on Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops aduncus) in Menai Bay, Zanzibar."

067. – Erika Halvarsson and H. Jörgen Wissman 2001. 
"Pollination and seed production in fragmentated populations of the rare perennial herb Gerbera aurantiaca."

066. – Gustaf Almqvist 2001. 
"The distribution pattern of penaeid shrimps and fish among outer Avicennia marina mangrove and adjacent sand flat microhabitats, Inhaca Island, Mozambique."

065. – Ingela Fransson and Susanne Schön 2001. 
"Water quality mapping of the River Choqueyapu in La Paz, Bolivia."

064. – Maria Tengö and AnnaCarin Andersson 2000. 
"The persistent agricultural system of Mama Issara, Tanzania. An ecological study."

063. – Linda Engström 2000. 
"Effects of selective hand-logging on orangutan habitat quality and population density in Gunung Palung National Park, Borneo, Indonesia with focus on forest structure and nest resources."

062. – Lisen Schultz 2000. 
"What kind of mangrove do fish and young penaeid shrimp prefer? A stake net study on fish and shrimp abundance in three mangrove microhabitats on Inhaca Island, southern Mozambique."

061. – Annika M. Felton 2000. 
"Effects of selective hand-logging on habitat quality and population density of orangutans in a Bornean peat swamp forest, Indonesia: with focus on forest structure and fruit availability."

060. – Emma Kritzberg (and Susanna Hultin) 2000. 
"Occurrence and effects of cyanobacterial toxins on irrigated crop in Zimbabwe."

059. – Carin Lindefors 2000. 
"Growth of the coral species Montipora spongodes and Acropora digitifera at different light conditions."

058. – Liselott Skarp 2000. 
"Impact of harvesting fruits and palmito on population structure in natural wetland stands of the açaí palm (Euterpe precatoria Martius var. precatoria) in Rondônia, Brazil."

057. – Rita Berger and Per Markus Jönsson 1999. 
"The influence by Eichhornia crassipes (Mart.) Solms (the water hyacinth) on the plankton community in Lake Kariba, Zimbabwe."

056. – Jens Rönnqvist 1999 
"Agar improvement in Gracilaria cornea through preharvest dark and salinity treatment. Cultivation of red algae in Mexico."

055. – Anneli Carlén 1999 
"The effects of the gastropod Terebralia palustris on infaunal communities in a mangrove forest in East Africa."

054. – Nils Carlsson 1999 
"Grazing impact on aquatic plants by the introduced Golden Apple Snail (Pomacea canaliculata) in Lao PDR."

053. – Magnus Karlsson and Magnus Rahmberg 1999 
"Assessment of suspended sediment variability in Odzi River, Zimbabwe."

052. – Henrik Lundquist 1999 
"Studies on photosynthesis and circadian rhythm of the red alga Kappaphycus alvarezii (Doty) (Solieriaceae, Gigartinales) in the field at Ubatuba and in the laboratory in São Paulo, Brazil."

051. – Johanna Brydolf 1999. 
"Coral assemblage structure in Mombasa Marine National Reserve in Kenya, East Africa: A comparison between unfished areas and areas exposed to traditional fishing."

050. – Maria Wall 1999. 
"The role of remnant trees for vegetation regeneration in cyclone and fire damaged rainforests on Western Samoa."

049. – Anna-Lena Berggren 1999. 
"Secondary seed dispersal in a lowland rain forest Samoa."

048. – Jonas Eriksson 1999. 
"A survey of the forest and census of the bonobo (Pan paniscus) population between the Lomako and the Yekokora rivers in the Equateur province, D R Congo."

047. – Sara Johansson and Maria Olsson 1999. 
"Investigations of toxic algal blooms in a drinking water reservoir of Harare, Zimbabwe."

046. – Pär Hedberg 1999 
"Effects of tree-plantation management on the abundance of the neotropical ponerine ant Ectatomma ruidum."

045. – Karin Skagerlund 1999 
"The fate of seeds in five legume tree species in woodlands of Kondoa Irangi Hills, Tanzania."

044. – Karin Tidevall 1999 
"The influence of the Itapebí river on the water quality in the Salto Grande reservoir, Uruguay."

043. – Bengt Hansson and Tove Thomasson 1999 
"Fencing and controlled grazing increase the diversity of herbs and grasses in a semi-arid area in West Pokot District, Kenya."

042. – Anton Pohanka 1999 
"Identification of Ayurvedic medicinal plants with special reference to plants used against atopic dermatitis."

041. – Fredrik Haag and Stefan Haglund 1998 
"Development of a user friendly GIS approach for rapid environmental appraisal and monitoring."

040. – Susanne Buchmayer 1998 
"Feeding ecology of the crab Sesama mernerti and the influence on leaf-litter processing in mangrove forests in eastern Africa."

039. – Alf Ceplitis and Anna Broström 1998 
"Vascular plant diversity in mountain rainforest at Station Forestière d’Angavokely, Madagascar."

038. – Sara Svensson and Kajsa Bergman 1998 
"Patterns in the distribution and abundance of inshore fish assemblages in Zanzibar: influences of sea weed cultivation."

037. – Teet Sirotkin 1998 
"The effect of human disturbance on bird species composition in a miombo woodland in Zimbabwe."

036. – Henrik Hedenås and Johan Hjerpe 1998 
"Tropical rain forest recovery from cyclone damage and fire in Western Samoa."

035. – Gert Nilsson 1998 
"The salts of the Lower Umbeluzi Basin, southern Mozambique."

034. – Niklas Törneman and Daniel Johansson 1998 
"Study of the relationship between phyto-plankton and bacteria in a tropical lake."

033. – Louise Simonsson-Forsberg 1998 
"The extended baseline assessment applied. Studies of two communities in the Babati District, Tanzania."

032. – Cecilia Bertilsson 1998 
"Decomposition of leaves from Avicennia marina in eastern Africa mangroves with emphasis on weight loss and associated meiofauna."

031. – Jenny Degerholm and Pernilla Lundgren 1997 
"Effects on calcification and growth by inorganic nutrients in a calcifying alga (Amphiroa tribulus)."

030. – Patrik Rönnbäck 1997 
"Distribution pattern of fish and shrimp in relation to habitat complexity and distance to open water habitat in a tropical mangrove forest, Pagbilao, the Philippines."

029. – Susanna Carlström 1997 
"Meiobenthos in a hypersaline mangrove habitat in Tanzania."

028. – Eva Axelsson, Jessica Bernfreed and Lina Wendt-Rasch 1997 
"The impact of nutrients for cyanobacterial (blue-green algal) development in Lake Kariba, Zimbabwe."

027. – Magdalena Lindberg and Vibeke Lirås 1997 
"Interactions between zooplankton and toxic cyanobacteria in a mesotrophic/eutrophic drinking water reservoir in Mozambique."

026. – Olle Terenius 1997 
"The ticks (Acari: Ixodidae, Argasidae) of Guinea-Bissau, West Africa: an overview of their geographical distribution, host associations and vector roles."

025. – Helena Eriksson and Ann-Christin Salonen 1997 
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