Färdiga rapporter 2012

MTB 12:053 - Satyam Manduva
“DNA methylation patterns in monozygotic twins discordant for psoriasis/hormone replacement therapy. Arbetet publiceras på hemsidan 2014-12-31.”

MTB 12:052 - Asha Modugu
"Role of Heparan Sulphate on Islet Amyloid Polypeptide Aggregation. Arbetet publiceras på hemsidan 2014-12-31"
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MTB 12:051 - Sainur Samad
"Environmental control of Methanotrophic Bacteria in Temperate Lakes."
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MTB 12:050 - Xin Li
"Cell specificity and transcriptional regulation study of a Dps protein in Nostoc punctiforme ATCC 29133."

MTB 12:049 - Eashwar Ramachandran
"Role of Heparan Sulphate on Islet Amyloid Polypeptide Aggregation."
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MTB 12:048 - Angeliki Pournara
"Automated in vitro viability assay to assist individualized therapy of cancer. Arbetet publiceras på hemsidan 2014-11-30."
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MTB 12:047 - Swati Arora
"Association of voltage-dependent calcium channels with docked insulin granules and Role of N-terminal domains for binding of syntaxin1a clusters to secretory granules. Arbetet publiceras på hemsidan 2014-10-31."
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MTB 12:046 - Zhe Zhang
“Purification and Crystallization of Human Mitochondrial Rnase P Protein 2 and its Mutants. Arbetet publiceras på hemsidan 2014-11-01.”

MTB 12:045 - Lu Zhang
Development and Evaluation of Plant Micro-propagation by a Temporary Immersion System. Arbetet publiceras 2014-11-01."

MTB 12:044 - Sakthidasan Jayaprakash
Attempts made towards the production and purification of core complex of human SAGA (Spt-Ada-Gcn5-Acetyltransferase). Arbetet publiceras senare"

MTB 12:001 - Poojah Rau Sathiyanarayanan
“Optimization of western blot based proximity ligation assay for the detection of proteins. Arbetet publiceras på hemsidan 2013-08.”

MTB 12:010 - Noora Tirkkonen
"Requirements for Target Enrichment Products within Clinical Diagnostics. Arbetet publiceras senare."

MTB 12:009 - Ilyas Dogan
"Hyaluronic acid nanocarrier-camptothecin prodrug with endosomal mode of activation for CD44-targeted therapy. Arbetet publiceras senare."

MTB 12:008 - Swapneel Deshpande
"Label Free Smart nanoimmunosensor for diagnosis of cardiac injury. Arbetet publiceras senare."

MTB 12:007 - Nhan von Tran
"Mutangenesis of Release Factor 3 (RF3) and Functional Characterization of Mutant RF3s. Arbetet publiceras senare."

MTB 12:006 - Rui Miao
"Design and construction of a modified I-butanol metabolic pathway for introduction into Synechocystis PCC6803."

MTB 12:005 - Kubra Ucar
"Neurochemistry of Drosophila melanogaster: Analysis of Neurotransmitters in Freeze-Dried Fly Brains with Micellar Electrokinetic Capillary. Arbetet publiceras senare."

MTB 12:004 - Chaitanya Krishna Bhattiprolu
"Evaluation of Mag Sepharose immobilized enzymes. Arbetet publiceras senare."

MTB 12:003 - Sagar Sidhara
"An endeavour to circularize in vitro synthesized mRNA Template based and non-template based intramolecular circularization. Arbetet publiceras senare."

MTB 12:043 - Erik Lundin
"The effect of Shine-Dalgarno-like sequences on ribosome translocation rate in vitro."

MTB 12:040 - Spyridon Gkotzis
"Effect of environmental factors on in vitro biofilm formation. Towards the molecular understanding of biofilm communities. Arbetet publiceras senare"

MTB 12:039 - Olof Olsson
"Investigation of a potential Murine Carcinoma Model. Arbetet publiceras senare"

MTB 12:038 - Kamel Mohamed Amr Badary
"Optimizing transcriptional control systems for cyanobacteria: Introduction of lactose permease into Synechocystis."

MTB 12:037 - Aishwarya Nadadhur Geeyarpuram
"Ezrin, Radixin, Moesin protein expression changes after Traumatic brain injury. Arbetet publiceras senare."

MTB 12:036 - Javad Garousi
"Targeted delivery of ECM based biopolymer-drug conjugate for cancer therapy."

MTB 12:035 - Divya Thiagarajan
"Characterization of the APLEC complex encoded genes in experimental arthritis in the rat. Arbetet publiceras senare."

MTB 12:034 - Avinash Bayya
"Studies of Glioma cell hierarchy, to establish connections between differences in tumor initiation and glioma cell differentiation. Arbetet publiceras senare."

MTB 12:033 - V.G.Saravana Ram Prasad
"Mapping of academic research invention at Karolinska Institutet." Arbetet publiceras 2014-12-15.

MTB 12:032 - Jayasimman Rajendran
"Interaction of AP-2 and CG10440 in the regulation of the Octopaminargic system."

MTB 12:031 - Kumar Praveen Dhandapani
"Gene regulatory effects of ghrelin in the hypothalamus in a mouse model for depression. Arbetet publiceras senare."

MTB 12:030 - Ken Andersson
"Development and optimization of a platform for identification of novel binders in Escherichia coli using the autotransporter AIDA-I. Arbetet publiceras senare."

MTB 12:029 - Uma Thanigai Arasu
"Stress Response Pathway in Mycobacterium marinum."

MTB 12:028 - Aranzazu Martinez-vara Rossignoli
"Detection of Gamma-Secretase via Proximity Ligation. Arbetet publiceras senare."

MTB 12:027 - Joakim Bergström
"Development of a microarray immunoassay for detection of immunoglobulins in small intestine. Arbetet publiceras senare."

MTB 12:025 - Xiaofen Wu
"Characterization of extremophilic yeast from a low pH sulfide mine environment. Arbetet publiceras senare." 

MTB 12:022 - Jinfan Wang
"Acylation of tRNAs with Natural and Unnatural Amino Acids for The Study of Ribosomal Translation. Arbetet publiceras senare."

MTB 12:021 - Magdalena Mazurkiewicz
"In situ proximity ligation assay as a tool for colon cancer research Influence of cell density and tumor. Arbetet publiceras senare."

MTB 12:020 - Tomasz Krzywkowski
"In situ detection of microRNA-21. Arbetet publiceras senare." 

MTB 12:018 - Varun Maturi
"Role of CGGBP1 in Cell Cycle and Genomic Integrity. Arbetet publiceras senare." 

MTB 12:017 - Prashanth Kumar Suresh
"Study of adsorbents for potential removal of arsenic from wastewater. Arbetet publiceras senare." 

MTB 12:016 - Anbarasan Anbalagan
"Combination of biological and photochemical treatment for degradation of azo dyes."

MTB 12:013 - Gamze Kuku
"Characterization of CD46v6-Tergeting Human Antibody fragments against head and neck squamous cell. Arbetet publiceras senare." 

MTB 12:012 - Svenja Reinders
"How rpoS influences the accumulation of rifampicin resistant bacteria in aging colonies."

MTB 12:042 - Vivek Anand Manivel
"To detect the potential role of collagen type II immune complexes in granulocyte activation and acute inflammatory arthritis."
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MTB 12:041 - Lu Zhang
"Antigen Transportation In Antibody-Mediated Immune Response In Vivo."
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MTB 12:011 - Jiazhou Zhang
"Freshwater lake bacteria isolated from Lake Ekoln and Lake Erken by modified cultivation techniques."
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MTB 12:026 - Aditya Harisankar
"Runx1t1 - Exploring its role as a transcriptional regulator in the dorsal root ganglion neuron specification"
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MTB 12:024 - Annika Bolind Bågenholm
"Local immune modulation for the treatment of malignant melanoma"
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MTB 12:023 - Mohanraj Ramachandran
"Use of immunostimulation to enhance the efficacy of oncolytic adenovirus for cancer virotherapy. Arbetet publiceras på hemsidan 2013-05-13"
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MTB 12:019 - Rajani Maharjan
"Confirming Next Generation Sequencing Results in a large Cohort of Endocrine Tumors and Functional Studies. Arbetet publiceras på hemsidan 2013-05-09."
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MTB 12:015 - Mahdi Zeraati
"An experimental study of the MicF small RNA in Escherichia coli regulatory networks. Arbetet publiceras på hemsidan 2013-04-11."
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MTB 12:014 - Roshan Vaid Padam Chand Jain
"Unravel the function of the MEG3 non-coding RNA. Arbetet publiceras på hemsidan 2014-04-10."
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MTB 12:002 – Puneeth Kanyalal Samani
"Study of a perfusion cultivation of CHO cells using ATF and TFF filtration in a WAVE BIOREACTORTM. Arbetet publiceras på hemsidan 2013-03-05.”
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