Färdiga rapporter 2011

MTB 11:013 - Ramesh Baral
Study of protein-protein interaction using tau and caspase6by BiFC method. Arbetet publiceras på hemsidan 2013-08."

MTB 11:001 – Sheng Leslie Zhong
"Towards single clone analysis in droplet microfluidics: Study of the mechanism of cell-induced droplet shrinkage for the selection of Saccharomyces cerevisiae variants" 

MTB 11:006 – Prson Gautam
"Signaling Mechanisms of the Endothelial Angiopoietin-Tie Pathway. The regulation and effects of proteolytic processing of Tie1 receptor and autocrine Ang2 secretion in endothelial cells." 

MTB 11:014 - Zheyan Chen
Protocol Optimization for Automated Cryopreservation Procedures for Norway Spruce Somatic Embryos. Arbetet publiceras på hemsidan 2013-08."

MTB 11:015 – Xi´nan Meng 
"Localization changes of gene clusters during nitrogen starvation in the fission yeast Schizosaccharomyces pombe and further studies " 

MTB 11:002 – Elin Carlsson
"In Vivo Tissue Response to Preformed Hyaluronan-Based Hydrogels" 

MTB 11:016 – Jonathan Regelin Burgos
"Healthy Lifestyle Index and Caloric Intake Associated with Brain Structure and Function in an Elderly Swedish Population" 

MTB 11:017 - Bing Cai 
"To evaluate a new method for studying a novel drug delivery vehicle. Arbetet publiceras på hemsidan 2013-06"

MTB 11:018 - Guo Xiaoyuan
"Characterization of the Putative Phosphatase Paladin. Arbetet publiceras på hemsidan 2013-06"

MTB 11:012 - Satish Adhikari
"Study of expression of Type VI SecretionSystem genes in Pectobacterium atrosepticum. Arbetet publiceras på hemsidan 2013-06"

MTB 11:019 – Chen Bao
"Localization to subcellular compartments of the uptake hydrogenase in the cyanobacterium Nostoc punctiforme

MTB 11:003 - Puspahanjali Bhardwaj
“Development of a Localized Circle-to- Circle Amplification Protocol for Sensitive DNA Analysis”

MTB 11:020 – Preeti Menon 
"Effects of Cerebrolysin, a mixture of neurotrophins on spinal cord injury in relation to nanoparticles treatment." 

MTB 11:021 - Hsun-yi Hsieh
“Therapeutic vaccines against allergy-optimizing production and purification of vaccine antigens for the use in dogs”

MTB 11:008 - Renukuntla Shravan Kumar
“To study the importance of PIkl activity during G2 phase for later mitotic progression in Human cell lines us in gFRET based probes. Arbetet publiceras på hemsidan 2013-06”

MTB 11:022 - Johan Andersen Ranberg
“Utilizing Synthetic Biology in cyanobacteria: Heterlogous expression of [FeFe] hydrogenases from chlamydomonas reinhardtii in Synechocystis PCC”

MTB 11:023 – Mirthe Hoekzema
"Requirements for the targeting of foreign DNA by the Escherichia coli CRISPR/Cassystem" 

MTB 11:024 – Jaiyue Guo
"Fluorescence Immunocytochemistry on CACO-2 Cells. Arbetet publiceras på hemsidan 2013-04" 

MTB 11:025 - Ingólfur Bragi Gunnarsson
“Synthetic Biology in cyanobacteria Expression of [FeFe] hydrogenases , their maturation system sand construction of broad-host-range vectors”

MTB 11:009 – Aravindan Varadarajan
"Human papillomavirus 45 oncoprotein E7 and Cyclin-dependent kinase interacting protein p21. Overexpression, purification and biophysical characterization"

MTB 11:026 – Tai Yu-Ting
"Study of Protein Stability and Release Kinetics from a Hyaluronic Acid Based Injectable Hydrogel. Arbetet publiceras på hemsidan 2013-03."

MTB 11:027 – Zhang Zhiliang
"An Investigation on Probes Conjugation Efficiency by in-situ Proximity Ligation Assay. Arbetet publiceras på hemsidan 2012-08.” 

MTB 11:028 - Yuhang Qiu
“Investigation of PDMS surface functionalization. Arbetet publiceras på hemsidan 2013-08”

MTB 11:007 - Nirupama Ramanathan
“Cell- and organism-based assays in microfluidic devices. Arbetet publiceras på hemsidan 2013-06.”

MTB 11:029 - Yuan Xie
"Differentiation capabilities of glioma initiation cells differ due to cell of origin. Arbetet publiceras på hemsidan 2013-03."

MTB 11:030 – Pegah Seddigh
"Provisional matrix deposition within an impaired collagen network: Fibrin network deposition during inflammation" 

MTB 11:031 - Xiao He
“Development of on-chip proximity ligation assay with in situ single molecule sequencing readout”

MTB 11:032 – Jing Sun
"Variation at position 540,437 of the dhps gene, 51,59,108 of the dhfr, 86 of the pfmdr1 and 76 of the pfcrt in Plasmodium falciparum in Tanzania and Uganda" 

MTB 11:033 - Özge Youluk
“Molecular Dynamics Study of Proton Transfer Reactions in GROMACS”

MTB 11:034 – Guan Zhong Mao
"Further exploring of Ribonuclease Precognition process and its functional domains" 

MTB 11:011 - Kun Wei
“Conjugation by ligation - a new and promising way to create PLA probes and relevant applications”

MTB 11:035 - Rajiv Harimoorthy

MTB 11:036 – Qian Xu
"Antimicrobial peptide LL-37 induces thromboxane A2 release from human macrophages? Potential effects on atherosclerosis. Arbetet publiceras på hemsidan 2013-04"

MTB 11:037 - Fan Sha
Protein Structure Analysis in Frenet Frame. Arbetet publiceras på hemsidan 2013-01-01."

MTB 11:038 - Zoltan Kis
"Oncolytic effect of parvovirus H-1 on bone tumor cells, pre-clinical tests. Hemlighetsstämplat

MTB 11:004 – Chuan Jin
"Development of new protocol to expand T cells of better survival. Arbetet publiceras på hemsidan 2013." 
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MTB 11:010 – Ganeshapandian Pitchai
"Study of MLE protein in Dosage Compensation Complex" 
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MTB 11:005 – Petar Kovachev
"The individual contributions of the two functional components, loops IV and VII, to the structural integrity and stability of SOD1. Arbetet publiceras på hemsidan 2013-08-30." 
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MTB 11:039 – Balaje Vijayaraghavan
"Expression and purification of recombinant viral proteins for serological diagnosis of bovine respiratory disease. Arbetet publiceras på hemsidan 2011-06-29." 
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MTB 11:040 – Jennifer Roche
"Purification and Crystallization of Human Heat Shock Factors 1 and 2" 
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MTB 11:041 – Xiyuan Jiang
"Investigation of antibacterial properties during hardening of dental cements " 
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MTB 11:042 – Jing Yu
"Substrate recognition of the mast cell chymase" 
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MTB 11:043 – Levon Chant Halabelian
"Crystal Engineering and Preliminary X-ray Studies on Ribonucleotide Reductase Large Subunit from Mycobacterium Tuberculosis." 
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MTB 11:044 – Li Li
"Fine dissection of the nervous system relevant to addiction, mood disorder and schizophrenia. Arbetet publiceras på hemsidan 2014-01-07." 
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