Finished reports: Master of Science in Molecular Biotechnology

Table of contents:


MSc MOL BIOTECH 12 001 – Hui Xu
"Is CD23 a pattern recognition receptor"
Uppsala University

MSc MOL BIOTECH 12 002 – Vinay Kumar Mayya
"Role of Bicaudal-C in mRNA decay"
Max-Planck Institute of Developmental Biology, Tuebingen, Germany
Confidential until 2016-09.

MSc MOL BIOTECH 12 003 – Sibel Ciftci
"Molecular mechanisms and epigenetic regulation of adenovirus genome structure in persistent infection"
Uppsala University

MSc MOL BIOTECH 12 004 – Xiaofei Li
"The IL-33/ST2 pathway in CNS - Traumatic brain injury and brain tumour"
Uppsala University

MSc MOL BIOTECH 12 005 – Dineshkumar Kandasamy
"Study on yeast enzymes Urc1p and Urc4p in a novel uracil catabolic pathway (URC)"
Lund University

MSc MOL BIOTECH 12 006 – Srinivas Akula
"Analysis of the isotype specificity of three platypus immunoglobulin Fc receptors"
Uppsala University

MSc MOL BIOTECH 12 007 – P. Naga Prathyusha
"Importance of AKT isoforms and DNA-PKcs in response to radiation in colorectal cancer cells"
Uppsala University


MSc MOL BIOTECH 13 001 – Karthikraj Natarajan
"Cross talk between DNA repair and chromatin modifications"
Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm

MSc MOL BIOTECH 13 002 – Kiatnida Treerattrakoon
"In vitro analysis of injectable hyaluronic acid hydrogel scaffold containing strontium as a carrier for rhBMP-2 for bone regeneration"
Uppsala Academic Hospital / Uppsala University


MSc MOL BIOTECH 14 001 – Jan Pille
"Microfluidics tools to investigate stochastic gene expression in vitro"
Radboud University Nijmengen, the Netherlands
Confidential until 2015-09.

MSc MOL BIOTECH 14 002 – Ramona Nudischer
"An inducible progerin expression system in human stem cells for modeling age-related diseases"
Hoffman-La Roche Ltd., Basel, Switzerland
Confidential until 2021-08.
Popular science summary


MSc MOL BIOTECH 15 001 – Alina Johansson
"Molecular mechanisms behind TRIM28 expression"
Karolinska institutet
Confidential until 2016-05.
Popular science summary

MSc MOL BIOTECH 15 002 – Rashmi Prakash Chowath
"Role of Aurora kinase in Medulloblastoma development with correlation to MYCN activity"
Uppsala University

MSc MOL BIOTECH 15 003 – Megha Biradar
"Improvement of RCA initiation on genomic DNA"
Uppsala University


MSc MOL BIOTECH 16 001 – Marcel Llavero Pasquina
"Engineered light controlled cell development for enhanced hydrogen production in Nostoc punctiforme ATCC 29133"
Uppsala University

MSc MOL BIOTECH 16 002 – Aravind Nambiar Kalathil
Archiving only.

MSc MOL BIOTECH 16 003 – François Seys
Delayed publication to 2021-01.


MSc MOL BIOTECH 17 001 – Shreya Pundir
"Investigating causative genes for atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease in a zebra fish model system using CRISPR-Cas9 technology"
Uppsala University

MSc MOL BIOTECH 17 002 - Shakira Govind

MSc MOL BIOTECH 17 003 - Luke Parks
”Nascent RNA sequencing of unperturbed newly divided cells”
University of Michigan

MSc MOL BIOTECH 17 004 - Krishna Narayan
”Fabrication and characterization of nano/micrometer glass channels with UV lithography”
Uppsala University


MSc MOL BIOTECH 18 001 - Maneesh Nayak
"Metabolic engineering of Synechocystis PCC 6803 with the aim to enhance 1-butanol/isobutanol production using CRISPR interference"
Uppsala University

MSc MOL BIOTECH 18 002 - Isac Söderlund
"In vivo synthesis of α-hydroxy ketones using a biocatalytic approach"
Uppsala University

MSc MOL BIOTECH 18 003 - Mohammed Mouhib
Delayed publication until 2020-06-05.

MSc MOL BIOTECH 18 004 - Aswathy Kallazhi
Delayed publication until 2021-11-30.


MSc MOL BIOTECH 19 001 - Sajal Tiwari

MSc MOL BIOTECH 19 002 - Sofia Bauer