Färdiga rapporter 2000

Kompletta avslutade rapporter från 2000 finns endast i konventionellt pappersarkiv. Nedan är dock en lista över de avslutade arbetena.

UPTEC X 00 001 - Ylva Sälde
"The use of alignment information to improve the detection of related proteins - a neural network approach" 
Stockholm Bioinformatics Center

UPTEC X 00 002 - Anders Hedström
"Very high resolution structure of Azotobacter vinelandii ferredoxin I at pH 5.0" 
The Scripps Research Institute, San Diego

UPTEC X 00 003 - Per Lidén
"DomainMaster - a value-adding analysis tool for DNA microarray gene expression data" 
AstraZeneca R&D, Lund

UPTEC X 00 005 - Anders Wählby
"An interactive tool for X-ray crystallography teaching" 
Uppsala universitet

UPTEC X 00 006 - Fredrik Pettersson
"Processing and selective advantage of various rRNA precursors" 
Uppsala universitet

UPTEC X 00 008 - Ulf Börjesson
"Analysis of a molecular dynamics simulation of mouse acetylcholinesterase" 
University of California, San Diego

UPTEC X 00 009 - Karin Johansson
"The structure and mechanism of a proline-specific aminopeptidase" 
University of Sydney, Australia

UPTEC X 00 010 - Frida Lysholm
"Establishing and evaluating EMD - a new method for mutation scanning" 
Uppsala universitet

UPTEC X 00 011 - Linus Ravald
"Theoretical study of the accuracy of single-component biLangmuir isotherms by the elution by characteristic points method" 
Uppsala universitet

UPTEC X 00 012 - Christian Andersson
"Prediction of gamma turns - a neural network and support vector machine approach" 
Stockholm Bioinformatics Center

UPTEC X 00 013 - Anders Brinne
"Phylogenetic studies of metal cyanide degrading bacteria in gold mine tailing dams" 
CSIRO Land and Water, Perth, Australia

UPTEC X 00 014 - Anna Larsson
"Protein engineering of recombinant Penicillium minioluteum dextranase"
Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (CIGB), Havana, Cuba

UPTEC X 00 017 - Andreas Tejde
"Immune-regulating effets of immune complexes via cytokine production" 
Uppsala universitet

UPTEC X 00 019 - Mikael Danfelter
"Mass spectrometry as a tool to study the structural dynamics of myoglobin" 
Uppsala universitet

UPTEC X 00 020 - Mikael Nordström
"Robust segmentation and volumetry of MR images" 

UPTEC X 00 021 - Kerstin Nilsson
"Evaluation of some neural network tools for proteomics data analysis" 
AstraZeneca R&D, Södertälje

UPTEC X 00 022 - Daniel Nilsson
"A program package for gene finding in Trypanosoma cruzi" 
Uppsala universitet

UPTEC X 00 023 - Helena Häggblad
"Protein homology modeling in ICM-assessment of model quality and realibility" 
Pharmacia, Milano, Italy

UPTEC X 00 024 - Jenny Clevström
"Analys av den ryska kompetensnivån inom områdena för toxiner och bioregulatoriska peptider" 

UPTEC X 00 026 - Wing-Shing Cheng
"Characterisation of heparan sulfate binding to viral proteins and phage display antibodies" 
Uppsala universitet

UPTEC X 00 027 - Mats Jonsson
"Extending object-constrained computerized tomography to three dimensions" 
Washington University, St. Louis, USA

UPTEC X 00 028 - Peter Svensson
"The chaperon activity of retroviral nucleocapsid proteins and prion proteins" 
Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon, France

UPTEC X 00 029 - Sara Nilsson
"Evaluation of the use of phages for immunotherapy of cancer" 
Karolinska sjukhuset, Stockholm

UPTEC X 00 031 - Anna Thorén
"The PhylProM database - extending the use of phylogenetic profiles and their applications for membrane proteins" 
Stockholm Bioinformatics Center

UPTEC X 00 032 - Margareta Ramström
"Adsorption-induced changes in the structural stability of myoglobin, as observed with hydrogen/deuterium mass spectrometry" 
Uppsala Universitet

UPTEC X 00 033 - Pia Liljedahl
"Evaluation of chromatographic media for membrane protein purification"
Amersham Pharmacia Biotech

UPTEC X 00 034 - Amonida Zadissa
"Computational comparative mapping between mammalian species" 
AgResearch, New Zealand

UPTEC X 00 035 - Emmeli Taberman
"Global mathematical models of gene expression in Escherichia coli" 
Uppsala universitet

UPTEC X 00 036 - Fredrik Österberg
"Implementation and evaluation of high throughput docking using AutoDock and media maps" 
The Scripps Research Institute, San Diego

UPTEC X 00 037 - Per Axelson
"Development of laboratory processes in automatic control" 
Uppsala universitet

UPTEC X 00 038 - Jakob Karén
"Microarray technology: Investigation and development of a procedure for minisequencing" 
Uppsala universitet

UPTEC X 00 039 - Mikael Huss
"A comparison of machine learning methods applied to a two-class protein sequence classification problem" 
Virtual Genetics Laboratory AB, Stockholm

UPTEC X 00 040 - Tomas Lövgren
"Characterization of the hypoxia response in human tumour cells" 
Rudbecklaboratoriet, Uppsala universitet

UPTEC X 00 041 - Jonas Vasur
"Hi3P: developing a multidimensional automated chromatography system for high throughput purification of proteins" 
Stockholms universitet

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