Social issues

The official Study in Sweden site,, has a lot of information relevant to your time in Sweden.

Civic registration number

The civic registration number (also called personal identification number, personnummer in Swedish) is very important for gaining access to different social services in Sweden. Non-EU residents who have a residence permit valid for more than one year must get a civic registration number. The number consists of ten digits, your date of birth (yymmdd), followed by four control digits. To apply for a civic registration number, visit the local tax authorities (Skatteverket). Address: Kungsängsgatan 43, visiting hours 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Bring your passport, your residence permit, your letter of admission from Uppsala University and your certificate from Uppsala stating the duration of your studies in Uppsala. NB: EU citizens should show their European health insurance card (EHIC) or show a health insurance valid in Sweden for the study period.

When you have a civic registration number, you are entitled to medical benefits at reduced cost. Note that this does not include full social insurance or dental care.

Swedish tax office information in English


In your contacts with Uppsala University you will at first be identified with a T-number. The number is valid within the University and Studentstaden housing company and may also be useful in some banks etc. in Uppsala city. If you receive a civic registration number from the tax authorities (at least all non-European student should make sure to get a civic registration number), it is important that you tell the administration at IBG ( so that we can change the T-number into the official civic registration number. Please be advised that you are required to show a valid ID when changing your civic registration number (the new number does not have to be stated on the ID, it will automatically be checked against the national register).

ID card

We recommend you to apply for an ID card when you have received your civic registration number. When you have an ID card you can identify yourself at banks, nations, examinations and if the security guards check when you stay late at one of the campuses for studying, and you do not need to carry around your passport. Apply for an ID card through the tax office.


If you need to renew your visa for studying in Sweden, please remember to start the process in good time. The process is slow and many Uppsala University offices are closed during summer. The Swedish migration board in Uppsala is found in Bolandsgatan 10. See

Bank account

There are several banks in Uppsala, but we recommend Nordea to our international students. The main office of Nordea is found at Dragarbrunnsgatan 49, with office hours: Monday and Thursday 10–18, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 10–15. You should open a bank account and also ask for Internet bank services. You must bring your passport, your Swedish civic registration number, your letter of admission from and a certificate from Uppsala University stating the length of your study period in Sweden.

Earning money during your studies

As a foreign student you are allowed to take a job in Sweden, as long as your residence permit or visa is valid, but finding qualified work may be difficult. However, short-term and part-time jobs with low skill requirements are sometimes available. Advertisements for job vacancies (although often for permanent positions requiring a degree) may be found in newspapers, at companies’ web pages, at recruitment firms, and at the Public Employment Service (Arbetsförmedlingen). You can also contact an employer of interest directly or take help from Arbetsförmedlingen, where you can find information about Swedish employment and labour regulations. Arbetsförmedlingen is found at Muningatan 1, near the railway station. For more information see

Most of the Student nations also offer job possibilities like working at pubs, cafés or helping with lunch.

Remember that if you earn money in Sweden, you may have to pay tax on your income (around 30%). Contact the local Tax Authorities to find out more. The Local Tax Authorities (Skatteverket) are found at Kungsängsgatan 43. Useful information, brochures and forms can be found at

Swedish language courses

Many international students appreciate the opportunity to learn the basics of the Swedish language. There are part-time beginner Swedish classes available at Uppsala University. There are a limited number of available places, so apply as soon as possible if you want to take a class. Contact the Department of Scandinavian Languages ( for information about application.

It is also possible to study Swedish at the Folk University (Folkuniversitetet). However, while the course at Uppsala University is free of charge, you have to pay a fee for a course at Folkuniversitetet. For more information and application, see or contact

The city of Uppsala offers a basic course in Swedish called SFI (Swedish for immigrants), free of charge. For more information read at Use to translate the page. To be eligible for this course you need a Swedish civic registration number.