Welcome to Biology Education Centre (IBG)

This website contains the electronic welcome package for new master students, international bachelor students, and exchange students starting their studies at IBG in the autumn of 2022. It contains important and useful information regarding both the IBG Welcome Days in August 24-26 as well as for the remainder of your studies. Although you will have your own welcome days when you start, you may look at some of the material from previous years already now. Just keep in mind that some things may change between years, so not everything will match exactly the conditions under which you will be studying. The updated information will be posted on this page as well as be shared during the welcome days and through other electronic means. Should you feel unsure of something important, please send an email to master@ibg.uu.se and we will do our best to assist you!

When you, at some point, need to find us, the house you are looking for is this:

Check this page for how to find it or use this MazeMap link.

If you want some more interesting tidbits about the campus, check out this video.

We are located on campus Evolutionary Biology Centre (EBC). 

If you feel adventurous you can also visit other campuses of Uppsala University https://www.uu.se/en/about-uu/campus/

You can also check out the film below about Uppsala, made by other students.

You can also check out videos about our campuses, also made by students.



Here are some pdf for you to download and read during the welcome week.

Hands-on guide for master's students
Hands-on guide for exchange students
Computers at IBG

Here are some pdf for you to read early on in your studies:

Common sense for laboratory work at IBG
Presenting science
Communication training
Student guide - group work
Student guide - text commenting
How to avoid plagiarism

Here are some other useful pdf-files:

Student guide to nature
EBC map
BMC map
Bike map
Bus map

Some useful websites:

IBG start page - http://ibg.uu.se/
Who you should contact at IBG - http://www.ibg.uu.se/about-us/turn-to/
A to Z : When you wonder about almost anything http://www.ibg.uu.se/a-z/

Uppsala University MazeMap: uu.se/map

Last modified: 2022-08-16