Study abroad and gain a Double Degree

Cranfield campus is located midway between the cities Bedford and Milton Keynes, just north of London. The nearest airport is Luton Airport, served by Ryanair from Skavsta (often very cheap). Bedford and Luton have direct routes by train to London King's Cross in under an hour. Even Oxford and Cambridge are easily accessible from Cranfield. The university consists of a concentrated campus with about 2,000 students, pubs, a few small shops, banks, cafes, sports facilities, etc. Various types of accommodation is available on campus.

Who can apply?

  • Only EU/EEA studenst can apply.
  • Students on the MSc programme Molecular Biotechnology Engineering can apply after year 4. This leads to an extension of the education.
  • Students on all our masters programmes (MSc in biology, bioinformatics, molecular biotechnology amd applied biotechnology) can apply to study at Cranfield their first or second year. 

We assume that your English is good and that you like to study in a high tempo.


Cranfield University offers scholarships equivalent to the annual fee for the program, i.e. you do not pay tuition. You must pay for normal living expenses as food, rent, etc. The exchange is within the ERASMUS agreement, and a small scholarship is included.


The exchange between IBG and Cranfield University is conducted within the five Cranfield Health programmes:

  • Translational Medicine
  • Molcular Medicine
  • Medical Diagnostics
  • Advanced Automation and Design
  • Environmental Diagnostics


The school year at Cranfield starts in early October and ends in mid-September the following year. The programmes are small and have between 15-25 seats each. Each student will receive a teacher/tutor that one can ask for help and advice. The programmes consist of a dozen courses in modules of two to three weeks, and a thesis. The thesis may be made within universities, government agencies or companies, in England or in another country. Each program offers a list of possible thesis projects and in consultation with a personal contact to the master's programme.

Master's programmes are usually composed as follows: Approximately 40% of the programme consists of courses with 10 x 2 week modules before and after the Christmas break, 5% of the time on master's programmes are examinations in various forms, 5% is a group project and 50% is a thesis.


IBG should have your written application at the latest on March 15.

Students from the MSc programmes Molecular Biotechnology and Bioinformatics should send the application to:

Jan Andersson
tel. 070-1679598

A selection of students will be contacted for interview with IBG and then later with a representative of Cranfield University (in April in Uppsala, Sweden). The decision will be announced in April/May.

Why take that chance? 

This is a chance for those who want to read a year in England while you focus on a specific area of biotechnology or the environment. This double degree will increase your value as a possible employee.

For more information contact: Eva Damm ( or Jan Andersson (

Last modified: 2022-12-09