Student exchange

Student exchange

As a student at the Department for Biology Education you have great opportunities to go on an exchange to a large number of places in the world. Here we present a few different ways to go on an exchange. On these pages you find among other information what universities IBG has an exchange with, links to the faculty and university administered exchanges, and more.

If you've got any questions regarding exchange studies, please contact the sudy counsellors at

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General exchange

General exchange programme

Uppsala University has general exchange programmes with many universities on all continents. If you want to study outside Europe, please contact the International Office at Uppsala University, who arranges these exchanges. There are also exchange programmes with several European universities other than those in IBGs exchanges.

You can write your thesis abroad, either in an exchange programme, or as an external thesis within the programme. In both cases you must discuss with the coordinator in advance.

Exchange programs within the Faculty of Science and Technology

The Disciplinary Domain of Science and Technology has a few exchanges in engineering/science in Europe.

The faculty web site has more information information

IBG's exchange programs

As a student at IBG, you have the opportunity to spend part of your studies abroad. IBG has an exchange programme in biology that is aimed at all students studying at IBG and meets the qualification requirements. The exchange is within the framework of the ERASMUS program and an opportunity to study at another European university during one semester.

IBG:s exchange programmes include advanced courses and theses in biology. At some universities it is only possible to take courses. At other universities you can only do theses and at some universities it is possible to do both. As a rule, the courses are given in the country's own language (advanced level courses are increasingly given in English), while the thesis can be done in English.

A list of all of IBG's partner universities

Send your application to the Biology Education Centre study counsellors (, include a curriculum with courses you wish to read (course selection can be based on information from websites) and a course certificate.


Eight nations in the Nordic and Baltic countries are members of Nordplus. Scholarships both at bachelor and master level can be applied for twice a year (September and January). With this program you can for instance go to Copenhagen and Svalbard. Please contact the International office for applications. 

Nordplus' own web site has all the information you need


Those who meet any one of the following requirements are eligible to apply to study abroad:

  • Students at the IBG Master programmes in Biology, Applied Biotechnology, Bioinformatics, Molecular Biotechnology. At the time of application, the student must have completed 30 credits, and upon departure 60 credits.
  • Students with a bachelor from Uppsala University can apply for exchange studies from year one at the master program. 
  • MSc programmes in Bioinformatics and Molecular Biotechnology beginning year 4 with completed courses from the first three years.
  • Bachelor programme in biology with approved biology courses of at least 75 credits, of which at least 60 credits from the given set of basic courses within the programme.
  • Students at the teacher programme with approved biology courses equivalent to the given set of basic courses within the programme.
  • Students at Uppsala University with the equivalent knowledge from individual courses.

Master students who have completed their bachelor at Uppsala University are prioritised.


Application to the upcoming academic year is done on a special form and submitted to IBG. The application must be attached to the current record, "passport photo" and a short (approximately 500 words) essay in English that describes who you as candidate is and why you wants to study abroad. Applications must be submitted no later than March 15.

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