Different types of projects

As a student at IBG you have several options for doing individual, project oriented courses.

  • The degree project is a longer project, most often performed towards the end of your studies, with clearly specified demands on its planning, realization and how it is accounted for.
  • Literature project means a shorter project where you on an individual basis delve deep into the literature of a chosen subject and account for it in a written report.
  • Research training gives the possibility to take part in the practical work and learn about research at a given work place.
  • Project work finally is another chance for deeper studies within a certain field of biology at the same time as you learn more about working in a project format.

External links

Here are some links to other sites that may be of interest. There are sites for degree projects and interships but also more general databases with projects and companies lists, scholarship info as well as PhD positions. Note that several other universities also have their own databases with project offers, PhD positions, etc.

Present PhD positions, open for application:

Last modified: 2023-12-29