Degree project for the Master Programme in Bioinformatics

Programme: The MSc programme in bioinformatics
Credits: 15 / 30 / 45 hp
Course syllabi: Degree project D in Bioinformatics, 15 c. / Degree project E in Bioinformatics, 30 higher education credits / Degree project E in Bioinformatics, 45 higher education credits

The aim of the degree project is to train the student in planning, implementing and reporting independent work. The project is meant to provide contacts with research and development and ideally may function as a link between master and PhD studies or between studies and the first employment. The work can be done either within the university or outside, e.g. at a company or a government agency. There is also ample opportunity to do graduate work abroad.

There are a variety of alternative course codes. Contact your thesis coordinator if you are unsure about which degree suits your educational plans.

Contact person: Lena Henriksson,