Master degree

A master degree is exactly 120 hp and is a continuation of a bachelor degree in biology. Therefore you are required to have a bachelor degree in order to apply for a master. Out of these 120 hp, 60 credits must be in biology, 30 credits must be thesis project, and up to 30 credits may consist of courses on basic level.

One year master

A one year master degree requires a bachelor degree and an additional 60 hp, 45 of these need to be at an advanced level and 30hp must be in your main field of study. A thesis project of at least 15 hp is also required.

Keep in touch with Uppsala University

Just because you finish your studies you do not need to loose your connection to university and your time here. Uppsala University enjoy keeping in touch with former students (alumni) and so does IBG.

Through the alumni database, it is possible to maintain the connection to the university at exactly the level you wish. Would you like to come back and meet old classmates? Maybe give a short presentation about what you do now or how you got there for students? Experiencing a gasque again?

Either way, it is recommended that you go to the alumni database and register. There you can include various associations and networks you have been active in as a student, from nations to BÄR.

Uppsala University alumni webpage

Older degrees

An older form of degree is a one year master degree ("magister"). Contact your programme director or degree coordinator if you have any questions regarding this.

Last modified: 2023-09-29