Title page

All degree projects that are produced at the Biology Education Centre shall have a title page in line with the graphic profile of Uppsala University. The page will contain the university’s logotype and specific fonts, and can (optional) be illustrated with a picture.

The popular scientific summary is published on the our web pages. Therefore, it must be handed in as a pdf-file. Pdf is a file format that guarantees a preserved layout and minimises the risk of virus infection, and can be read with a free software (Adobe Reader).

1. create and save title page

Go to the online web form.

Fill in the details for your degree project in the web form:
Title: Title of your degree project
Subtitle: Subtitle (if any)
Your name: Your name (first name + surname)
Department/company where the degree project was carried out:
Write Biology Education Centre, plus the department where you have performed you work. E.g: Biology Education Centre and Department of Population Biology, Uppsala University If the work has been done outside Uppsala University, the complete address of your place of work must be included, e.g: Biology Education Centre, Uppsala University, and AstraZeneca R&D, RA CNS & Pain Control Drug Discovery, Department of Molecular Sciences, 151 85 Södertälje, Sweden.
Supervisor: Name of supervisor
Supervisor 2: Name of second supervisor (if any)
Exam year: The year when the work was performed
Study points: 15, 30 och 45 hp

Fill in the form and choose language (English).

A picture on the page is optional. Note: As the degree project will be published on the Internet, you must make sure that for all pictures/illustrations that origins from another creator than yourself, you must have permission from the copyright holder to use the picture. The picture must be in jpg (or jpeg) format. The maximum size is 120 mm x 80 mm. Larger pictures will be automatically shrunk. When all relevant fields are filled, hit “Generate”. A pdf-file will be created for you.

A few things that often cause trouble while creating the title page:

  • You have to type the text in the fields and not use copy/paste, otherwise invisible characters will be added and the form can not handle those
  • If you add a large picture (larger than ca 1.2 MB) it does not work
  • Use jpeg-format for pictures
  • The settings in Adobe Reader have to be correct according to what is described below the form. Also change all settings in your web browser handling of pdf:s to be set to be handled by Adobe Reader (or Standard or Pro)
  • Right now Firefox or Safari works the best (except for that you can not use Safari if you need italics in your title). Do not use Internet Explorer or Chrome.
  • Some unusual characters just do not work (for example Ω α β γ é ë)

If you have some unusual characters in your title or name (å, ä, ö works fine), please contact us. If you have tried all above and still do not succeed, also contact us for help. Please send over all data needed to complete your form (including programme name).

Contact your degree project coordinator or Johan Edin, johan.edin@ibg.uu.se for help.

2. Save your degree project as a pdf file and include the title page

Next step is to save the complete report (without a title page) as a pdf-file. You can use the tool PDF merge or similar to merge the PDF of the title page with the PDF of your report.

Save the completed file!

3. Hand in

Send the degree project report (including title page) and the popular scientific summary as two separate pdf files to your coordinator, by e-mail or on a CD. Both files will be published on www.ibg.uu.se (exceptions can be made for degree projects that are classified as secret). Four printed versions of the report should also be handed in. One will be archived at Biology Education Centre and one at the Biology library. The other two will be found at the administrative offices at EBC and BMC, for other students to read or copy.

Last modified: 2024-01-16