Plagiarism and cheating

Cheating and plagiarism are taken very seriously at Uppsala University. According to 10th chapter 1§ in the Higher Education Ordinance (Svensk författningssamling 2009): disciplinary actions may be taken “against students who use unallowed resources or in any other way try to mislead at exams or other instances where study results are to be assessed [quote translated].” 

All scientific work is based upon the results of previous studies. It is necessary to refer to other studies in scientific texts in order to place new scientific work into a larger context and to relate the work to other studies. References are also used to define methods and concepts.

As a student, you need to inform yourself about what counts as plagiarism, familiarise yourself with how to refer and cite the work of others and follow the instructions given by your teacher. Different rules may apply for different courses in the same way as different rules apply for researchers when publishing in different journals, or in different areas of research.

The author must make clear what parts are his or her original work and what parts come from work by others. You must never “present work of other people as if it were your own work [quote translated]” (Association of Swedish Higher Education 1997). Presenting the work of others as if it was your own is called plagiarism. Regardless of your command of the language in which you are writing you must use your own words and present only the results or ideas of others, not their texts. There are also special rules for the use of pictures and diagrams from published works.

How to learn about plagiarism

All students at IBG have to be aware of our plagiarism policy and of what happens when plagiarism or cheating is discovered.

Those who have not had the opportunity to go on one of IBG's plagiarism lectures, do the following:

  1. Read the manuals below and watch the video below.
  2. Contact the Directors of Study at IBG (Fredrik Sundström, Lena Henriksson, Elisabeth Långström) to get access to the plagiarism quiz in Studium.
  3. Do the quiz in Studium until you feel confident about what is plagiarism and what is not.
  4. When you have finished the above mentioned steps and feel that you understand, come back to this page, download, print and sign the document and hand it in to your course leader who will pass it on to IBG for filing.

Video About plagiarism and cheating in science

Last modified: 2023-09-29