Master students Letian Bao and Carolin Vogel publish papers improving chromoproteins and small RNAs.


Master students Letian Bao and Carolin Vogel recently published first-author papers on their work performed with Josefine Liljeruhm in Tony Forster's lab. The paper by Bao et al. in Analytical Biochemistry overcomes the toxicities of chromoprotein reporters in E. coli by engineering a red fluorescent protein. The front cover paper by Vogel, Gynnå, Yuan, Bao et al. in Engineering Reports improves the design of antisense RNAs using a Spot 42 scaffold. Both projects originated from Uppsala U's teams competing in the annual international Genetically Enginereed Machines (iGEM) competition and were extended further by students in Tony's synthetic biology lab course 1MB433. Links to the papers: