Policy for the use of AI


The IBG policy for students regarding the use of AI tools in thesis projects or other written coursework

AI tools are trained on large amounts of data from the internet and other sources, which may include incorrect information. Therefore, the accuracy of what AI tools deliver cannot be relied upon as they can make incorrect combinations of data.

Reading an AI-generated summary is not enough. As a student, it is important to search for original scientific references, read them critically, and possibly use and cite them in your work. Thesis projects and other written coursework must be created by the author, i.e. you the student, and not by an AI tool or another person. Written coursework is a critical part of developing your abilities to write scientific or popular science texts, as well as an examination or part of one.

If Ouriginal or other tools flag that you have not written the text yourself, the usual disciplinary procedures will apply (https://www.ibg.uu.se/student-en/plagiarism-and-cheating/).

To summarise: Text generated by AI tools cannot be used as a source of reference since it is not an original source, nor can AI-generated text be used in thesis projects or other written coursework since it is not written by you.