New policy for hybrid teaching


The Biology Education Centre has created a new policy for hybrid teaching. Read it below. 

According to a decision from the Faculty of Science and Technology in February 2022, teaching on courses announced as “Campus courses” must take place on campus as long as it is not justified by pedagogical reasons or other restrictions to teach digitally. Simultaneous campus and digital teaching, so-called hybrid teaching, usually takes place at the expense of the pedagogical structure and working environment for both students and teachers. No teacher is obliged to offer hybrid teaching to fulfill the requirements of one or more students, as this often leads to a decline in the quality of education. Therefore, it is up to the discretion of the individual teacher who, with regard to the pedagogical structure, assesses whether digital teaching needs to be offered in parallel with the on campus teaching or not. Biology Education Center (IBG) recommends that the teaching group and the course leader discuss the teachers' positions and clearly communicate the policy and structure of the current course to the students during the course introduction.