Practical information

The course starts on Monday 25th July. We meet you at Arlanda airport outside Stockholm. On the first course day we will drive with minibuses for about one hour to our field station, situated at the lake Erken. Main course content there will cover ecology and limnology (sweet water biology). On 30th July we leave the station and drive towards our field station, Klubban, situated at the west coast of Sweden. There you will study marine biology and biodiversity. On 7th August we will drive back to Uppsala.

The field part of the course ends on Sunday 7th August when you arrive at Uppsala. The last week of the course you can finish writing experimental reports and a course evaluation.

Swedish Nature was given during the summer 2010–2015 with 20–28 students. All of them were very satisfied with the course.

Last day for application is 20th December 2015. The application should include your e-address, information about which program you study and a short letter of intention (reasons why you wish to study Swedish Nature). Please send the applications to Margareta Krabbe (

There are 28 places at the course. The course fee is 130 EUR and include travels, accommodation and food during the field part of the course. For fee paying students there is an additional fee for 5 credits at Uppsala University, Medicine, Pharmacy, Science and Technology, of ca. 1165 EUR.

The course in given in English. In your application you don’t have to enclose any document of proficiency in English. But for successful result at the course you should master English fairly good. If there are more applicants than places at the course we make a selection based on your letters of intention. After the course you will receive a document/diploma that you have studied this course of 5 credits.

Information about admission will be given before 15th January 2016. Admitted students will in May 2016 get information from the course leaders about practical matters.

Photos from our field stations can be found here:

Information about our department can be found here:

Please contact me ( if you have questions about the course.

You are very welcome to the course!

Margareta Krabbe
Head of department
Biology Education Centre
Uppsala University