Teacher programmes

These programmes are given in Swedish. Therefore you can only apply for them if you studied upper secondary school in Sweden, Denmark (including the Faeroe Islands), Iceland or Norway. If you didn’t, you have to show that you have sufficient proficiency in the Swedish language by passing a language test. Read more about that at the bottom of this page.

IBG is participating in the education of the two types of teachers: "grundlärare" and "ämneslärare". "Ämneslärare" will be educated in biology and the subject called "naturvetenskap" which is taught in upper secondary school.

For more information regarding our teachers programmes, please contact:
Ronny Alexandersson


Study programme in Swedish

Admission to The Swedish First Degree programmes (see below) requires written and oral fluency in Swedish. Information about specific requirements and how to show that you have got them can be found in Swedish on the Swedish University Admissions Site.

The Swedish First Degree programmes offered at the Biology Education Centre (IBG) are:

  • Bachelor's Programme in Biology/Molecular biology (3 years, 180 credits)
  • Bachelor's Programme in Environmental science (3 years, 180 credits)
  • Master's Programme in Molecular Biotechnology Engineering (5 years, 300 credits)