Student life


Uppsala University was founded in 1477 and is the oldest university in the Nordic countries. Today, the university has about 40,000 students. The university’s ancient traditions, expert knowledge, and comprehensive experience provide a stable foundation for all activities. Uppsala University is ranked among the top-100 universities in the world. Uppsala University is constantly evolving and recreating itself. New interdisciplinary programs of study, updating of campus settings, and the promotion of cutting-edge research are some of the key tools in this process. However, the strong foundation required for this ongoing transformation is the historical diversity of the University’s nine faculties and the tradition and culture handed down through the centuries.

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Life on Gotland is highly rated by both those people who have moved there and those who are born and raised on the island. Campus Gotland is located between the beach and the medieval wall in Visby’s inner port. In this area you will also find the student union Rindi, the Almedalen library and all the social amenities that make Visby so enjoyable for students. There is a wide range of cultural and sporting activities, students can get help with starting up a business during their studies and there is no shortage of cafés all year round. Not to mention all the attractive study environments where you can sit and study in peace and quiet. An ideal place to accumulate knowledge, experiences and memories for life.

No biology courses taught in English are offered at Campus Gotland, but there may be other courses which interest you. Read more at the Campus Gotland webpage