Prerequisite and application

In order to apply for the bachelor, teacher and engineering programmes you need to have succesfully completed your upper secondary (high school) education (post-16). In addition admission requires written and oral fluency in Swedish. If you are a foreign student you must show that you have sufficient proficiency in the Swedish language to be admitted to a Swedish First Degree programme, such as a pass mark on the language test, TISUS (Test in Swedish for University Studies). The TISUS test is a national Swedish language test and a pass state that you have skills equal to the course Svenska B in high school. Note, this is not a test simply for foreigners. For many courses and programmes even higher requirements for Swedish must be met (corresponding to the course Swedish for Foreign students, 1 term, 30 credits, which starts at the TISUS level).

If you have a complete upper secondary education from Denmark (including the Faeroe Islands), Iceland or Norway you can apply to a Swedish university on the same conditions as a Swedish student to all programmes and courses. If you have attended school in Finland you must however have Swedish as your native language in your diploma or have studied Swedish at least 3 years (5 courses).

Students must also meet the specific requirements for the programme of interest.

For more information regarding this, please contact:

Study advisor for the bachelor programme in biology/molecular biology:
Robert Malmgren
Telephone: +4618-471 4133 (only monday, wednesday, thursday and friday afternoons)

Study advisor for the teacher programmes:
Ronny Alexandersson
Telephone: +4618-471 4142

Study advisor for the engineering programme:
Isabel Svensson
Telephone+4618-471 30 02