Uppsala University – a first-class choice

Uppsala is a first-class choice for Biology studies. The University is among the world leaders in biology research and well advanced in e.g. evolutionary biology, functional genomics, ecology and biotechnology.

Studying field oriented biology in Sweden has the great advantage closeness to nature, making it easy to perform field experiments. Uppsala is also one of the top ten biotechnology regions in the world. It has a great number of small and large biotech companies, influenced by, and employing, new researchers from Uppsala University. Collaborations between Uppsala University, biotech companies, and national authorities, generate a stimulating research environment.

Uppsala, with more than 36,000 students is also famous for its thriving student life, offering activities for all interests. The relatively small city is safe, clean and close to both the capital Sweden (40 min by train) and international airports (20 min by train). Most campus areas are within cycling distance. Forests, lakes and fields surround the city and provide extensive opportunities for outdoor activities, sports, or nature experiences.

Excellent quality in evaluations

The Swedish National Agency for Higher Education continually evaluates the quality of the higher education institutions in Sweden. This takes the form, for instance, of the evaluations of subjects and programmes conducted by the National Agency once every six years. In 2006, all Biology educations in Sweden were evaluated, and the standards of the biology education at Uppsala University were found to be excellent.

In 2005, Uppsala University also received the best grade for its internationalisation efforts in a report from the National Agency for Higher Education. A team of experts including members from Finland and Norway assessed internationalisation efforts at Swedens 39 institutions of higher education. Uppsala University took first place.

Biology in Uppsala was recently awarded an Excellence Ranking by the German Centre for Higher Education Development (CHE). Their ranking is specifically aimed as a guide for students who, after obtaining a Bachelor’s degree, intend to continue their studies with a Master’s programme at a European university but who have no idea which programme to choose or where to attend.

The Biology Education Centre has also been awarded the "Best education department" prize by Uppsala Student union for arranging the best reception for master students at Uppsala University.