Evolutionary biology

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Evolutionary biology

Uppsala University has been a major centre of biological research since the time of Linnaeus. This strong research tradition is manifested in the Evolutionary Biology Centre (EBC), where world-leading research ranges from ecology and biodiversity to evolutionary genomics and macroevolution.

The distinguishing feature of the Master Programme in Evolutionary Biology is the integrative approach to evolutionary biology, including e.g. evolutionary ecology, genomics, macroevolution, developmental biology and systematics. This requires an integration of field, laboratory and theoretical approaches by bringing together underlying disciplines that have traditionally been separated, such as molecular genetics and field biology.

Information about the specialisation

The programme starts with the two courses Evolutionary Processes and Evolutionary Patterns. During these courses, you get a good insight into the variety of theoretical and applied research within the field of evolutionary biology at the Evolutionary Biology Centre (EBC).

Teachers at the programme are active researchers, and throughout the programme, there is a close connection between research and education. As a student you will gain first class subject knowledge, as well as training in analysis and problem solving. In the programme you will come into daily contact with researchers in the front line of international science. You will be able to benefit from their knowledge, experience their respective research areas and gain access to international contacts. You will also have a personal mentor who helps you to discuss and plan your future career and your choice of courses and research projects.

During the second year you can choose additional courses or combine a research training period and a degree project of 30 or 45 hp credit points.

Last modified: 2023-09-29