Master's Programme in Applied Biotechnology

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Applied biotechnology

The core content of the Master's programme in Applied Biotechnology is the combination of entrepreneurship with modern molecular biology and biotechnology. The programme allows for directing your career either towards the biotechnology industry or academic research.

Uppsala is the premium choice for your biotechnology studies. Located in the major biotechnology cluster of Sweden, this town has been a centre for pioneering and high-quality biotechnological research for many decades, with a great number of small and large biotech companies. Collaborations between Uppsala University, biotech companies and national authorities generate a stimulating educational environment. 

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Programme information

Biotechnology research covers a broad field comprising everything from conventional processing and refinement of biological materials, for example by genetic modification, to characterising and applying biological components as diagnostic tools or for therapeutic use. In this programme there will be plenty of chances to meet and interact with researchers both at the University and in the local biotechnology industry.

The programme is intended for students as well as for professionals who want to obtain a cutting-edge specialisation within applied biotechnology. The education will give up‑to‑date knowledge, with both theoretical and hands-on experience of methods used in this broad field of science. The education also include lectures, lab training, seminars and project works. Theory and thorough practical training are integrated in the courses.

After an advanced level introductory course called ‘Trends in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology’, all students admitted to the program study the same courses during the first year. These include both in-depth studies of ‘Structure and Function of Macromolecules’ and industry related courses such as ‘Innovation Management, Entrepreneurship and IPR’. The first year ends with a ‘Biotechnology project’ during which the theory learnt during the first year can be put into practice.

The program offers a broad spectrum of optional courses within the area Molecular Medicine/Molecular Biology. These include courses in protein engineering, toxicology, bioinformatic analyses, molecular biotechnology for renewable energy etc. The most important course in year two is the master degree project, which is the first step to real research/industry world. You will complete a degree project of 30 or 45 credits at a company, government agency or public authority, or alternatively within the University.

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Degree and career opportunities

Successful studies at the programme lead to an internationally recognised Master of Science degree.

With a Master of Science in Applied Biotechnology you will be well prepared to work with product development in a biotechnology company or with research and development at an academic department in Sweden or abroad. You will also have an excellent basis for pursuing academic research through PhD studies.


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