Lin Li - Uppsala - A wonderful experience

Attracted by its reputation as one of the world's biological centres, I came here last August to study at the Master Program in Molecular Biotechnology & Bioinformatics. According to my 10 months stay up until now, I would say I really had a wonderful time here.

The teaching system here is well organised. Lectures and (wet or computer) lab practicals are usually given together (i.e. lectures in the morning and lab practicals in the afternoon) so that what we learned in the lecture can be better digested in time. Literature projects are included in almost every course, where we practise Literature research on the topic we are interested in. I like the presentation at the end of the literature projects, through which I improved my expression skills a lot. Not only can I get in contact with and learn from the researchers in the front line of life sciences, I have also had the chance to know about Biotech industry such as GE Healthcare in Uppsala, which we actually visited during a course.

The life as a student in Uppsala is also exciting. There are 13 nations where you can join the pub and have some fun every week. There are a couple of festivals for you to enjoy the liveliness of the city. The "Culture Night" in Uppsala is a celebration of culture, on the Second Saturday every September, when the streets are filled with amateur organisations that show their work, brass orchestras marching, jugglers and goats parading. Another exciting festival is Valborg on 30th April, when "almost all the Swedes" come to Uppsala to watch the rafting. This year I was proud of being member of a rafting crew representing the Chinese Student and Scholar Association. Constructing and painting our own raft (and falling off the raft at the Fyris River water fall) was a precious experience.

I am sure everyone would find studying here a wonderful experience.

Lin Li

MSc programme in Molecular Biotechnology and Bioinformatics

Photo above: The Chinese Student and Scholar Association raft in the rafting festival on April 30th, a great student festivity in Uppsala.