Hrishikesh Bartake - Master student from India

Hrishikesh Bartake moved from India to Uppsala in order to study the two-year master program in biology. Today he has completed his master, and is pursuing a PhD in Switzerland.

Where are you from?

I am from Mumbai, India 

Where did you study before you came to Uppsala University?

Before coming to Uppsala, I completed my Master’s program in Bioinformatics from The University of Pune, India.

Which courses/program did you study at the IBG?

I enrolled myself for the Master in Biology program at Uppsala University. The courses that I signed up for at the university were: Genes to Cells- starting course, Microbiology, Molecular Cell Biology, Functional Genomics and Protein Engineering.

Why did you choose to study biology in Uppsala?

After completing my Master’s program in Bioinformatics, I wanted to pursue my further studies in mainstream biology. For better exposure I decided to study abroad. During my search for the universities, I found that the Master in Biology program offered at Uppsala catered to my expectations and requirements in the best possible way. Furthermore, Uppsala is known as a hub for biomedical industries and the collaboration between industry and the university is one of the best combinations that a students can get.

Which have been the most memorable moments in Uppsala?

I think that one of the most memorable moments in Uppsala was seeing the snow fall for the first time ever! I remember it was almost the end of November. Late at night in the student corridor, I was watching TV. I glanced outside the window and saw the snowfall. I went outside and although it was dark, it was a breath-taking moment for me to see the snowfall. The next day I woke up and saw all the white landscape outside my window and I felt like I was in a dreamland! Walking…. playing in the snow was full of fun and an ecstatic moment for a person like me who had seen ice only in the refrigerator!

What did you do your degree project about?

After completing my course work at Uppsala, I applied and got selected to pursue my degree project at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School in Boston, USA. There I spent one year working on the derivation of induced pluripotent stem cells from mouse and human amniotic fluid cells.

Are you satisfied with your time in Uppsala?

I feel that in choosing Uppsala University and coming to Sweden was one of the best decisions that I have made. I will cherish the time that I spent in Sweden for my entire life.

What will you do in the future?

At present I am pursuing my PhD at the Friedrich Miescher Institute (Novartis Research Foundation) in Basel, Switzerland. Few years down the line I envision myself working for a healthcare industry.

What experiences will you take with you from Uppsala?

I have learnt a great deal during my stay in Sweden. One thing that I would especially like to mention is about my experience with Swedish people. They are very kind, courteous, helpful, and tolerant.

Is there something you would like new Uppsala University students from outside of Sweden to know?

I believe that studying a programme in another country is not only about getting to study the chosen subject but also to experience and exchange cultural diversity, and studying at Uppsala provided excellent opportunities to socialize with foreign students from diverse backgrounds. I also think that there is a friendly and personal atmosphere among students and teachers at Uppsala and this definitely helps during the course work.

Sara Engström