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Interviews and student stories

Chemist with entrepreneurial spirit studies biotechnology

Despite a chemical engineering background, Javier could quickly get the basics of biotechnology through the programme. The mix of biotechnology and entrepreneurship in the programme suited Javier, who wants to start his own business.
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Biology student focusing on bioinformatics

Dries took the Master programme in biology, but could focus on bioinformatics anyway. He appreciated the opportunities for choosing courses, and that the professors were so open to answer questions.
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Appreciated the level of organisation

Livia appreciated the level of organisation in biology, and liked the beautiful nature around Uppsala. After her studies she looked for a job in the industry her home country.
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Going to Uppsala is one of the best decisions I have made

Hrishikesh Bartake moved from India to Uppsala in order to study the two-year master program in biology. Today he has completed his master, and is pursuing a PhD in Switzerland.
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Master student in Immunology & Infection Biology

Kailash Singh from India heard that Uppsala University offered a renowned program immunology & Infection Biology and immediately went for it.
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Satisfied with the studies

Franziska Pietsch enjoys studying at the Master programme in Biology and is impressed by the way courses are evaluated here and thinks Swedes are very tolerant towards foreigners.
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Studying MSc in Applied Biotechnology in Uppsala

When finishing up his studies at Tartu University in a double major undergraduate in biology and gene technology he wanted to do his post graduation, Master of Science, abroad. After a lot of consideration and comparisons between several European universities Uppsala University was the one he chose.
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From Romania to Sweden

Ioana Onut Brännström was at an international karate camp in Denmark where she met a Swedish guy, Lars, and fell in love. She the moved from Romania to Sweden to marry him and study the Master Programme in Evolutionary Biology.
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Uppsala, just like home

Michael Stocks ended up in Sweden thanks to a girl who he met back home in England. When she moved back to Sweden he decided to move with her.
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Great opportunities in Uppsala

After Ieva Vasiliauskaite graduated from Vilnius University she knew that she wanted to do her Masters at Uppsala University. And with a following PhD in mind Uppsala seemed like the best option.
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Perfect student life - a happy coincidence

Cathrin Müller wanted to explore Sweden with its endless wilderness, desolate forests, innumerous lakes and rolling hills. And found that staying in Sweden during her master studies was an excellent opportunity to do that. Uppsala was the only choice as it offered the perfect Master Programme with a course compilation that deeply interested and convinced her.
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Uppsala University: where life has been enjoyable beyond my imagination

Before coming to Sweden, Saiful Isalm had learnt from the internet that Uppsala University is one of the top ranked universities in the world. But now, as a student of this university, he thinks that it has something special; more than just having high ranking.
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Approaching new horizons at Uppsala

Enzo Scifo found the prospect of pursuing studies in a foreign country irresistible. The challenge was to choose a destination that would not only satisfy his academic goals, but also offer new perspectives and ideas. An opportunity to learn about a different language and culture was also enticing. Suddenly, it was clear – UPPSALA UNIVERSITY, SWEDEN!
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Uppsala – a wonderful experience

Attracted by its reputation as one of the world's biological centres, Lin Li came from China to Uppsala to study at the Master Program in Molecular Biotechnology & Bioinformatics.
- According to my 10 months stay up until now, I would say I really had a wonderful time here.
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​Student life and Nobel festivities

Hamid Reza Razzaghian is a Master student within Molecular Cell Biology at Uppsala University. In 2006 he had the opportunity to participate in the Nobel Prize festivities in Stockholm. (Each year, 200 student tickets to the Nobel Prize festivities are distributed to students at Swedish universities through a lottery draw.) This is his story about student life at Uppsala University and the Nobel banquet.
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Travel report from an exchange student from Australia

Helen Haines wrote this report from back home in Canberra, Australia.
- What I'm supposed to do is give you all a bit of insight into how us exchange students perceive Uppsala and I also hope, that for all those new exchange students out there, that this article will give you some insight into life as an exchange student in Uppsala. So here it goes...
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