Experimental Industrial Bioprocess I-III

Join us in the biological transformation of the manufacturing industry

Biological products including recombinant therapeutic proteins/antibodies, vaccines, gene therapy and nucleic acids are rapidly transforming medicine and healthcare. Although biological products are rapidly gaining ground worldwide, many challenges are connected to their development and production. Biologics are highly complex molecules, as compared to most chemical drugs, and new strategies are required for their design, manufacturing and characterization.

In collaboration with Testa center at Cytiva, Uppsala University offers three shorter courses in advanced industrial production of biologics. The courses can be taken separately and in any order.

The first of the three courses, 1BL812 Experimental Industrial Bioprocess I: Design, 3 credits, examines and discusses design of bioprocesses that aim for economic and safe production of high-quality biologics. Testa Center in Uppsala provides examples of instrumentation and bioprocess design choices. The seminars are conducted at eight live teaching sessions on Zoom every second Tuesday or Thursday evening at 18.15-20.00 starting January17th with the final session March 14th. A non-mandatory study visit at Testa Center in Uppsala is preliminary scheduled for March 3rd 2023. The course consists of seminars (2credits), and an individual research/literature project (1credit).

The second course in the series, 1BL813 Industrial Experimental Industrial Bioprocess II- cultivation and harvest 2 credits is practical and you will participate in a bioprocess experiment at the Testa Center in Uppsala, including exploring growth and harvest of cells in an industrial setting with state-of-the-art instrumentation. You will participate in the planning, execution and analysis of the results from a bioreactor culture and harvest of a biomolecule.The experimental part is planned for 11-14 April 2023 at the Testa Center in Uppsala. The course consists of experimental work (1 credit), and Experiment preparation and evaluation seminars (1 credit).

The third and final course is 1BL814 Industrial Experimental Industrial Bioprocess III- Analysis and evaluation of results 2 credits. This course provides hands-on training and knowledge in purification and analysis methods in industrial production of biomolecules. As a participant you will plan and carry through purification and analysis of a biomolecule starting from a previously prepared raw bioreactor culture. You will use the advanced instrumentation provided for in the industrial setting at the Testa Center in Uppsala. In preparatory seminars you will plan the experiments and after the experiments the obtained results will be analyzed and evaluated. The experimental part is carried through 8-12 May 2023 at the Testa Center in Uppsala. The course consists of experimental work (1credit), and experiment preparation and evaluation seminars (1credit).

The courses are open for late application at antagning.se. The last day to apply is December 30. For more information, or if you need instructions on how to apply, please contact Margareta Krabbe, Margareta.Krabbe@ibg.uu.se.

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Last modified: 2022-12-15