Application to courses for international students

The standard routines for application to courses vary between different categories of students:

A) Formal exchange students

All courses given in English are normally open to exchange students with adequate qualifications, provided that the course is not full, but a number of places are always reserved for exchange students.
Application to a formal exchange programme is done through your home university. After you have been accepted to the exchange programme, our international student coordinator, Eva Damm, will help you choose courses within the programme. If you want to change courses or add a new course to your programme, you must contact Eva Damm.

B) Master students

The course plan for Master studies have a varying level of choice, depending on the programme. You can also add extra courses like evening courses or summer courses, if you feel that your normal study load allows it. If you are a master student paying a fee, all extra credits added to your 30 credits per term cost extra. Discuss your choices and your study situation with your Programme Director, Brita Svensson (MSc Biology), Suparna Sanyal (MSc Applied Biotechnology and MSc in Molecular biotechnology) or Bengt Persson (MSc Bioinformatics), before applying for extra courses. If you wish to add an extra course, you must apply for it as a single-subject course (see “Single-subject courses”).

Application dates

Last application date for courses given during the autumn term is April 15 and for the spring term October 15. Application deadline for summer courses is March 15. Students applying for a single-subject course will get admittance information in mid-July or in mid-December, depending on when the course is given. If you are admitted you need to confirm that you intend to take the course within about a week. If there are any problems, please contact the IBG office or ask the Admissions Office ( for help.

Single-subject courses

Many courses given at Uppsala University are part of formal programmes, but many of them can be taken by students that are not studying in those programmes. Other courses are open for any qualified student who wishes to deepen his/her knowledge. These courses are so called single-subject courses.

Any international student who meets the qualifications may apply for a single-subject course given in English. This also applies to exchange or master students who want to add a course to their programme. To be admitted to such a course you need to fulfil all formal requirements and all the prerequisites for the course. Prerequisites for each course can be found in the course syllabus. As the application form for single-subject courses may be in Swedish, you need to contact the international student coordinator to get the application correct.

NB. If you are a student paying fees you have to pay extra for any course you take in addition to the 120 credits in the programme you were admitted to.