Synthetic Biology 10 c

Program: Master Programme in Molecular Biotechnology/Bioinformatics Engineering.
Level: Advanced
Course code: 1MB433
Credits: 10 c
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Synthetic biology is a growing field defined as the complex manipulation of replicating systems. Its goals are understanding and utilizing life's diverse solutions to process information, materials and energy.

This course is a full-time lecture & lab course in weeks 7-12 (ending Mar 20) directed by Prof. Anthony Forster (following the Microbial Regulatory Mechanisms lecture course in weeks 4-6 directed by Prof. Gerhart Wagner). The lecture/tutorial part is similar to the prior spring 2012 Synthetic Biology lecture course (1MB381), but expanded to also cover the book "Regenesis" by Prof. George Church. The lab part is the first experimental course in SynBio in Uppsala using technology employed by the summer iGEM students to engineer expression of different colored chromoproteins:

The course is part of the 4th year of the Molecular Biotechnology program and is also open to Master and other students with permission of the course director. It is given in English.

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