Toxicology and Risk Assesment 15 c.

Level: Advanced level
Course code: 1BG509
Credits: 15 c
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In this course you will deepen your knowledge in toxicology and via hands on tutoring learn procedures for human health risk assessment of chemicals. The need of persons trained in toxicology and risk assessment will increase in authorities and private companies due to the new European Union Regulation on chemicals and their safe use (REACH).

During the whole course period you will carry out your own health risk assessment of a chosen chemical. Your risk assessment will be presented orally and in writing. Knowledge about the mode of toxic action of chemicals is essential for interpretation of toxicological data and for risk assessment. Therefore much of the theoretical part of the course is focused on molecular mechanisms for toxic effects of chemicals. Morphological studies of normal tissues and of tissues showing pathological changes are other important components of the course. The course also deals with toxic effects during sensitive developmental periods in different animal classes, and with human epidemiology.

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