Population Genomics

Program: Master programme in Biology
Level: Advanced level
Course code: 1BG508
Credits: 15 hp
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The main idea behind the course is to cover in more depth some major topics in evolutionary genomics that the students have seen, usually much more briefly, in previous courses. The course will cover some of the research currently done at EBC and will thereby offer the students an overview of the main trends in evolutionary genomics. Examples of questions that will be addressed are: Is evolution predictable? What is the origin of species? How important is natural selection in molecular evolution? How do organisms adapt locally? Will ancient DNA reshape our view of human evolution? These questions will be addressed during a first part that includes lectures, tutorials, reading and discussion of articles. In a second part, you will analyse data, write the outline of a computer program or do a literature review/meta-analysis and present your results to the class. The course should therefore be a good preparation for undergraduates and MSc students that are considering continuing their studies at the MSc or PhD levels, respectively.

For more information, please contact:
Martin Lascoux (martin.lascoux@ebc.uu.se)

Last modified: 2023-08-22