Fundamental and Molecular Systematics 10 c

Programme: Master programme in Biology
Level: Advanced level
Cours code: 1BG393
Credits: 10 c
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This course introduce you to fundamental concepts in general and molecular systematics, lets you get some skills in common molecular techniques and a working knowledge of phylogenetic analysis. We will discuss questions in systematic research and how to address them. You will be confronted with both the theoretical and practical aspects of phylogenetic analysis and how to delimit and identify species and other taxa, with a focus on molecular data. You will implement what you learn in small projects/case studies. The laborative part of the project will be carried out at Klubban Biological Station in Fiskebäckskil, Bohuslän. At Klubban we will also have other activities such as seminars ”in real life” complementing the web-based teaching.

You can only take this course if you are studying the NABiS Master Programme (

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Last modified: 2023-01-20