Protein Crystallography 5 c

Program: Master Programme in Molecular Biotechnology Engineering, MSc in molecular biotechnology.
Level: Advanced
Course code: 1MB443
Credits: 5 c
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The course provides an introduction to crystallographic theory as well as basic practical experience. The theory includes Fourier transforms, crystallisation, space group determination, data collection and experimental determination of phases (inluding the method of isomorphous and molecular replacement, and MAD phasing). The interpretation of electron density maps as a 3D structure will be discussed, as well as the refinement of macromolecular structures. The course will make use of high performance computer graphics both for the display of macromolecules and crystallographic analysis. Laborative work: High resolution computer graphics will be used to work with macromolecules and electron densities. Protein crystals will be prepared for analysis and data collection using 2D area detectors.

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