Bioinformatics on the web 5 c

Course code: 1BG425
Credits: 5 c
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Bioinformatic tools are valuable in virtually all kinds of biological studies. The course Bioinformatics on the Web is a completely web-based course that provides opportunities to try a number of tools, which are publicly available on the Internet, primarily to study and interpret sequence data from DNA and proteins.

The course is intended as a first introduction to give a taste of what some of the available bioinformatic tools can be used for.

Areas of application include: Databases and data-base searches. Interpretation of genomic sequence patterns. Alignment of DNA sequences and phylogenetic inference. Metabolic reconstructions. Secondary and three-dimensional structures of proteins.

The course is presented as a number of practical assignments to be solved with web-based tools. All assignments, as well as a final web-based exam, are required for a passing grade.

Literature for the course will be available as compendia on the web.

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