The Baltic Sea Environment 10 c

Program: Internet based course
Level: Basic level
Course code: 1BG405
Credits: 10 c
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The course ‘The Baltic Sea Environment’ is a distance learning course, taught primarily via Internet.

The aim of the course is to give basic knowledge of the ecosystem and the environmental conditions of the Baltic Sea. Special attention is given to problems connected with the Baltic Sea environment as well as to restoration measures in order to improve the environmental situation.

The course is interdisciplinary integrating questions of biodiversity, eutrophication, fisheries, toxins, and global warming. Moreover, restoration measures will be discussed from biological, technical, legal, as well as economical points of view.

The course is equivalent to 33% of full time. Most assignments, questions and discussions are communicated via Internet; via the web platform available for registered students. The course starts with a compulsory excursion to the Baltic Sea in the beginning of September. Thereafter, it continues throughout the entire fall semester. Additionally, those who are interested will meet for a weekend in December to discuss individual literature projects.

Prerequisites: Anyone who fulfils the general admission according to the Higher Education Ordinance is eligible for admission to the course. A general background in biology and chemistry is recommended.

The course is taught both in English and in Swedish.

Literature: Bernes C. 2005. Change Beneath the surface- an in-depth look at Sweden's marine environment. Naturvårdsverket (ISBN: 91-620-1246-0).

Additional literature is provided via the course web platform.

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