Bioinformatic Analyses IIa

Program: Master programme in Biology
Level: Advanced level
Course code: 1BG337
Credits: 5 hp
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Bioinformatics comprise, among other things, the use of computers and IT to answer biological questions – something that is necessary in all areas of biology. The three courses Bioinformatics Analyses I, IIa and IIb will provide you with a toolbox and teach you how to apply the tools within your own area of biology.

The courses are intended for those of you who do not have bioinformatics as the primary interest, but need it as a tool. It is thus the aim that they can be followed in parallel with other courses. Hence, the courses are part-time (5 hp/half semester). They are based on computer aided leaning, and you can read the theory and do the assignments on-line at your own discretion, as well as join discussion on the theory or assignments with the teachers or your course mates. This is supplemented with some lectures and exercises on site.

Bioinformatics analyses IIa is primarily for you who study evolutionary biology, molecular as well as organismal, or biodiversity. It comprises models for sequence evolution, phylogenetic analyses (evolutionary trees and networks) of genes and organisms, multivariate methods for data reduction and visualization (e.g., PCA, MDS), geographic information systems (GIS) and databases for biodiversity studies.

Admission to the course requires that you have followed Bioinformatics Analyses I, but the course is completely independent of Bioinformatics Analyses IIb.

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