Marine Biology 15 hp

Program: Bachelor programme in biology
Level: Basic level
Course code: 1BG217
Credits: 15 credits
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Most of the world's organismal diversity is found in the sea and it is a diverse and a relatively unexploited, but potentially large, resource for areas such as pharmacology and biotechnology. The marine organisms live in (and are adapted to) a variety of habitats that have no counterparts in terrestrial and freshwater environments. In this course, Marine biology, with the subtitle Organisms and biotopes, you have the opportunity to further familiarize yourself with these organisms and environments, and immerse yourself in this field.

The course addresses the marine organisms (with an emphasis on animals, but also other marine groups, including microbes, are included), their diversity and their different ways of adaptation to their environments. We also deals with various marine habitats (from deep sea and pelagic to coral reefs, but with a slight emphasis on the Scandinavian conditions) and the composition of the organism communities, and diverse marine biogeographic patterns. You will also be confronted with the problems of studying marine organisms and making inventories of marine environments, and you will learn techniques and methods for this.

The course contains many practical elements, including a project, and a large part of the course will take place at Klubban Biological Station in Fiskebäckskil, Bohuslän.

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