Biodiversity and ecology in Yunnan

Program: Bachelor programme in biology and molecular biology
Level: Basic level
Course code: 1BG213
Credits: 15 hp
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The course focuses on factors and processes that influence biological diversity. The theoretical studies in Uppsala are coupled with a field course (3 weeks) to one of the world's biodiversity hotspots: Yunnan in south-western China.

Part of the field course takes place at a research center in Xishuangbanna, southern Yunnan, where ecological field projects will be carried out. For more information on the field course, see the specific tab (link on the left).

Threats against biodiversity will also be a topic in the course. Yunnan is rich in both a biological and cultural sense, and because of this, it becomes natural to study how people in this part of the world use their biological and cultural heritage.

The course will be summarised and concluded in Uppsala after the field course.

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