Evolutionary Genetics

Level: Bachelor level
Course code: 1BG205
Credits: 15 hp
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The course deals with evolutionary processes on a molecular and genetic level. The course also provides training in molecular methods for studying genetic variation and relationships as well as the detection of mutations (micro satellite analyses, DNA profiles,SNP analysis, DNA sequencing); genetic diversity; fylogeography; paternity and sex tests.

The course contains three theoretical parts: Molecular evolution (dealing with the mutation process, evolutionary rates, the molecular clock, selection and neutral evolution at the molecular level, genetic variation and its significance), genome evolution (dealing with genome size, the evolution of chromosomes, multigene families, the evolution of introns, different types of repetitive DNA and gene conversion) and evolution of genetic systems (the evolution of sex and sexual reproduction, recombination rates, sex ratios, intranuclear conflicts, the evolution of ageing, immunogenetics, mitochondrial DNA, human evolution, the evolution and genetics of domesticated animals and plants.)

The practical part of the course will focus on material connected to ongoing research at the Department of Evolutionary Biology, e.g. genetic variation among Swedish wildlife and mutation rates within different species.

For more information, please contact:
Elina Immonen (elina.immonen@ebc.uu.se)

Last modified: 2023-01-20