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The first two years of the programme consists of basic courses that will provide students with a good knowledge within all fields of biology. Students will also take courses in chemistry, mathematics and statistics, which are important tools for biologists. The third year, students will choose specialised courses and do an independent project work. Students may also, during their three years of studying the bachelor programme, take the course Professional qualifications in biology.

Courses year 1

Period 11
The Evolution and Diversity of Organisms, 10 credits - 1BG100

Period 12
Molecular biology and genetics, 10 credits - 1BG113
Life and Interactions of Microorganisms, 5 credits - 1BG114

Period 13 - 14
The Basic Principles of Chemistry, 15 credits, - 1KB013
Organic Chemistry I 10 credits - 1KB410
Biochemistry I, 5 credits - 1KB408
Floristics and faunistics, 10 credits (summer course) - 1BG106

Courses year 2

Period 21
Cell biology, 15 credits - 1BG120

Period 22
Physiology, 15 credits - 1BG103

Period 23
Mathematics and statistics for biologists, 10 credits
Quantitative biology, 5 credits - 1BG104
(You apply for these two courses as one with the course code: UU-60116)

Period 24
Ecology and Population Genetics, 15 credits - 1BG105

Courses year 3

During the third year students will choose three specialised courses (each 15 credits). Students also have to do an independent project work in biology of 15 credits which is mandatory in order to get the bachelor’s degree. The three specialised courses are chosen from our selection of specialised courses on bachelor’s level. However, student may choose a maximum of two specialised courses (max 30 credits in total) on advanced level if they meet the eligibility requirements for those courses.

Independent project work in Biology, 15 credits - 1BG210
Degree project C 15 credits - 1BG214

View the specialised courses to choose from during year three.

Individual courses

In addition to the compulsory and elective courses within the program, you can also take individual courses. These courses gives you the ability to flexibly profile and specialize yourself even more.

Last modified: 2022-03-22