Bachelor's programme in biology/molecular biology including prep course

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Molecular Biology & Biology including Prep course

This programme is given in Swedish. Therefore you can only apply for it if you studied upper secondary school in Sweden, Denmark (including the Faeroe Islands), Iceland or Norway. If you didn’t, you have to show that you have sufficient proficiency in the Swedish language by passing a language test. Read more about that at the bottom of this page.

There is a bachelor’s programme in biology/molecular biology which is specially designed for those students who did not study natural science in High school. The programme will start with a prep course where natural science on high school level are tought. However, students need to fulfil the basic requirements in order to start the programme.

Programme description

One semester of introduction

Unlike students who studied natural science in High school, students choosing this programme will start their first semester with a course called Bioscience. This course is in Swedish, but approximately half of the literature used is in English. The course will provide students with all the basic knowledge within biology, chemistry, mathematics and physics needed to continue studying the bachelor’s programme in biology/molecular biology.

Bioscience has a theme-based, interdisciplinary approach with biology as the central subject. Based on various biological problems students will get deeper knowledge in mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology. The content and structure of the course is designed by teachers who later also teaches in other courses on the programme, thus creating a natural connection to future programme courses. After finishing the course Bioscience, the education continues together with students starting the tradtional bachelor programme in biology/molecular biology.

The degree

A bachelor’s degree must include exactly 180 credits, which correspond to three years of full studies. The differences between this programme and the traditional bachelor programme in biology/molecular biology is that this programme only allow for one semester of specialised courses the last year compared to a full year. During this semester the students should also do their independent project work. It results in the possibility of only taking one specialised course of 15 credits instead of 45 credits + 15 credits independent project work last year. However, there is always the opportunity to take extra courses, such as Faunistics, vertebrates, during the bachelor's programme and hence choose to not include the course Bioscience in the degree. 

More about the programme

This programme only differ from the traditional bachelor programme in biology/molecular biology in terms of starting course, amount of specialised courses and the order in which courses are studied. There is therefore more information about the traditional bachelor programme in biology/molecular biology which also applies for this programme.

Opportunities after completing the studies

The programme will give students a bachelor's degree. After graduation, students can either head out in the working life or continue to study an advanced master programme.

Biologists from Uppsala University have a broad field of work depending on their focus and interest. With a specialisation within ecology or evolutionary biology students may for example work with conservation and environment for county boards, the Environmental Protection Agency, environmental organisations, or companies within consultation. With a cellular or molecular specialisation, students may work with drug or microbiological analyses, particularly in pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. Biologists can also work as teachers and science journalists.

The bachelor's programme provide students with a broad knowledge which will allow them to continue to study many of the different master programmes available all around the world.

The bachelor's programme together with our own master's programmes also provides good opportunities for further research. Many of the students who complete their masters in Uppsala continue with postgraduate research.

Study programme in Swedish

Admission to The Swedish First Degree programmes (see below) requires written and oral fluency in Swedish. Information about specific requirements and how to show that you have got them can be found in Swedish on the Swedish University Admissions Site.

The Swedish First Degree programmes offered at the Biology Education Centre (IBG) are:

  • Bachelor's Programme in Biology/Molecular biology (3 years, 180 credits)
  • Bachelor's Programme in Environmental science (3 years, 180 credits)
  • Master's Programme in Molecular Biotechnology Engineering (5 years, 300 credits)
Last modified: 2023-01-17