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The Biology Education Center has bot national and international collaboration. We have valued contact with the Biotech industry and governmental organisations working with biology and biotechnology. We also collaborate with other universities to give our students the best possibilities for their future career.

International visits

Foreign as well as Swedish universities with an interest in our education or different aspects on our pedagogical work are most welcome to visit us here in Uppsala, Sweden. Please contact our head of department Henning Blom to arrange a meeting.

We organise all biology education at Uppsala University in close collaboration with the research departments in the field of Biology. All our teachers are active researcher and experts of their research areas.

International ambitions

Many courses in our programmes are given in English. For example is our bachelors programme in biology given largely in English already during the third year. These courses also attract many exchange students. Our students also have the opportunity to take courses outside of Sweden within the scope of one of our many exchange programmes, for example the Erasmus programme.

Our master programmes are given solely in English. A yearly influx of students from at least 25 countries in combination with teachers with experiences from all over the world makes the teaching environment international.

The students in the second year of our master programmes have the opportunity to do research training and degree projects and be a member of one of biology's many research group full time. The research carried out at these groups are completely focused on international grade research, which gives a great base for international research and work for our students. Degree projects at research departments at for example biotechnology companies are also largely internationally focused. Through Sida's scholarships for Minor Field Studies there is a possibility to do a degree project in of natural resources management and ecology in tropical countries.

Swedish Centre for School Biology and Biotechnology

A subdepartment of Biology Education Center – Swedish Centre for School Biology and Biotechnology – has the commission to work towards preschools, compulsory schools, upper secondary schools and in adult education. Their commission is given by the Ministry of Education with the aim to support and inspire teachers to work with biology and biotechnology by

  • supporting discussion and exchange of ideas between teachers
  • work for raised competence at all levels of biology teaching
  • giving advice for practical work in the laboratory
  • promoting development of outdoor education
  • supporting an integrating view of life science
  • giving information about current development within the biological field
  • supporting and promoting contacts between research, school and industry
  • stimulating discussions about sustainable development and ethical questions

They produce a free subscription inspirational magazine and a newsletter.

Visit the Swedish Centre for School Biology and Biotechnology

Last modified: 2022-07-06