Who should I turn to at IBG

Access card for students: EBC Campus management / BMC Reception, B7:1, kl 8-16.30 / Ångström laboratory card and keys
Address change (students) Lisa Chytraeus / Ylva Adolfsson
Archive info@ibg.uu.se
Booking – lecture halls: lokalschema@ibg.uu.se
Buses & cars: Afsaneh Ahmadzadeh
Certificate of registration / transcript of records Lisa Chytraeus
Computers - IBG's student computers EBC: Tobias Jakobsson
Computers - IBG's student computers BMC: Tobias Jakobsson
Computers - Lecture halls: Ekman, Fries, Zootis and Lindahl: Stefan Björklund    
Computers - Lecture halls: BMC BMC Reception, B7:1
Contact person EIT Health and Testa center Margareta Krabbe
Copying of compendium: Mats Omarin
Course evaluation meetings: Elisabeth Långström  
Course evaluations: Elisabeth Långström 
Course literature: Elisabeth Långström 
DiaNa - communication training: Katarina Andreasen / Lena Henriksson
Disciplinary procedures (cheating  and plagiarism): Elisabeth Långström 
Eligibility / Entry requirements: Elisabeth Långström / Fredrik Sundström
Equality: Robert Malmgren
eValuering (evaluation software): Tobias Jakobsson / Elisabeth Långström  
Examination – booking: The booking system
Exams – collecting corrected exams (BMC): IBG offices at BMC
Exams – collecting corrected exams (EBC): Lisa Chytraeus (Hand written exams)
Field equipment: Afsaneh Ahmadzadeh
Grading criteria: Elisabeth Långström
Graphical advise: Elisabeth Långström
Head of department: Henning Blom
Head of department, deputy: Anders Virtanen
Klubbans biological station: Mikael Thollesson
Lab coats (BMC): Peter Lillhager
Lab coats (EBC): Banafsheh Seyyed Khezri
Laboratories - maintenance, equipment, materials (BMC): Peter Lillhager
Laboratories - maintenance, equipment, materials (EBC): Peter Lillhager
Laboratories - dishes: Karina Lagerström
Lecture halls: Cleve, 2 and 3 – equipment: Johan Fransson
Lecture halls: Ekman, Fries, Zootis, Lindahl, 4–6 - maintenance: Johan Fransson    
Linux: Tobias Jakobsson
Literature - Reference work:
Ronny Alexandersson / Elisabeth Långström
Literature Project in Biology (1BG369/1BG370): Per Alström
Literature Project in Applied Biotechnology (1BG356): Margareta Krabbe
Lost & found (BMC): The reception in B7
Lost & found (EBC): Lisa Chytraeus
Microscopes  & loupes: Afsaneh Ahmadzadeh
Minor field study (MFS): Ronny Alexandersson
Posters, printing (employees at EBC & ICM only: Johan Edin
Printed material for marketing programmes and courses: Johan Edin
Project work in biology & applied biotechnology  (1BG366-1BG368): Fredrik Sundström (Biology) / Margareta Krabbe (Applied biotechnology)
Project work in molecular biotechnology and bioinformatics: Margareta Krabbe
Projectors: Afsaneh Ahmadzadeh
Research Training in Applied biotechnology (1BG363-1BG365): Margareta Krabbe
Research Training in Biology(1BG363-1BG365): Fredrik Sundström
Research Training in molecular biotechnology & bioinformatics: Margareta Krabbe
Studentportalen - account for teachers: Director of studies of respective department. IEG, IOB and ICM.
Study abroad: Sofia Thorsélius / Robert Malmgren
Study break: Study counselors for respective programme
Study counseling: See information about study counseling
Study directors: Elisabeth Långström / Fredrik Sundström
Ladok: Lisa Chytraeus
Webpages - IBG: Johan Edin / Kerstin Westberg