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Biology Education Centre organises the bachelors and masters education in biology at Uppsala University. We have two bachelors programmes, five masters programmes and more than 100 courses.

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The department Biology Education Centre is an organisation for undergraduate education in biology, biotechnology, bioinformatics and environmental biology within the biology section. We offer several programmes:

We are also responsible for courses in biology and natural sciences within the teacher education programmes. In addition we offer a large collection of evening, online, and weekend courses. 

The teachers (professors, associate professors, research assistants, PhD students and others) on the courses are mainly employed at any of the three research institutions:

The Department of Organismal Biology (IOB)
The Department of Ecology and Genetics (IEG) 
The Department of Cell and Molecular Biology (ICM).

IBG and the biological research institutions are part of the Faculty of Science and Technology (TekNat) at Uppsala University.

Departmental Board, IBG



Richard Svanbäck
Alternate chairman – Fredrik Söderbom

Representatives IBG

Members Alternate member (group)
Elisabeth Långström
Lisa Chytraeus

Representatives ICM

Members Alternate member (group)
Lisa Klasson
Erik Holmqvist

Representatives IEG

Members Deputy (group)
Arild Husby
Sebastian Sobek

Representatives IOB

Members Deputy (group)
Irene Söderhäll
Carina Schlebusch

Student representatives

Members and alternate members from BÄR and the X-section.

Members BÄR Deputies (group) BÄR
Members X section Deputies X section
Members PhD-students Deputies PhD-students
Sofia Papadopoulou


How to bill IBG

For questions about billing please ask your contact person at IBG.

Swedish Centre for School Biology and Biotechnology

A subdepartment of Biology Education Center – Swedish Centre for School Biology and Biotechnology – has the commission to work towards preschools, compulsory schools, upper secondary schools and in adult education. Their commission is given by the Ministry of Education with the aim to support and inspire teachers to work with biology and biotechnology by

  • supporting discussion and exchange of ideas between teachers
  • work for raised competence at all levels of biology teaching
  • giving advice for practical work in the laboratory
  • promoting development of outdoor education
  • supporting an integrating view of life science
  • giving information about current development within the biological field
  • supporting and promoting contacts between research, school and industry
  • stimulating discussions about sustainable development and ethical questions

They produce a free subscription inspirational magazine and a newsletter.

Visit the Swedish Centre for School Biology and Biotechnology

Last modified: 2024-04-08