Biology Education Centre

A highly ranked education department that coordinates all bachelor's and master's education in biology at Uppsala University.

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Education quality

At the Biology Education Centre we strive to provide education of the highest possible quality. We want to present best possible mix of courses in our students' interests and also considering the labour market the students will face after finishing their education.

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Visits to Biology Education Centre

We offer the opportunity for the Swedish equivalents of high schools or upper secondary schools to come and visit our campus and other events. We want give those who are interested in studying biology at the University to have a chance to see what they might expect. If you want information in English about this, visit the science disciplinary domain website.

Communication training

Our programme students get systematic communication training through their studies. Every student get feedback on their reports, oral presentations and group work both from fellow students and a teacher. The feedback is collected in a special folder in the student portal for the student to to visualise the individual progress.

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Last modified: 2023-12-07