Global Energy Systems

Within the Global Energy Systems Programme we analyze the worlds energy systems from a multidisciplinary perspective. Geological research is intertwined with technical, economic and social research to describe, understand and model how energy systems change over time and how they interact with economy, environment and society. We investigate everything from available energy resources and production capacities to how energy production affects environment, energy security and society.

Current world energy supply is to more than 80% derived from fossil fuels. As a result of this dependence, most of the research activities are centered on supply and production of fossil fuels. A special focus is placed on the depletion of oil resources, peak oil, and how a declining of supply may influence the future society. We also investigate the “transition problem”, i.e. if and how fast it is possible to substitute todays fossil fuel-dependent society for a more sustainable system with renewable and alternative energy.

Research groups:

Daqing field in North China


Mikael Höök

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World Energy Outlook 2013